Raspberry Pi based remote SDR head

Favati smile_k at libero.it
Sat May 11 19:14:36 UTC 2013

> Could you describe exactly the steps you have taken?

1) installed wiringpi (and tested as described on the developer site)
2) created your script
3) launched this command:

stdbuf --output=0 rtl_tcp -a -p 1234 > rtl.data

4) used sdrsharp to connect to my raspberry (, and it 
connect ok, i can use sdrsharp ok)

5) nothing is displayed on the console of my raspy except the first 2 
lines of rtl_tcp output

The rtl_data is created ok and looking inside that file i can see the 
normal output of "rtl_tcp" (set freq blablablabla, etc...)

At the moment i've taken another approach...i've patched the rtl_tcp.c 
to set the gpio directly...i'll post my "project" asap somewhere...

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