GSOC 2013

Peter Stuge peter at
Tue Mar 12 05:58:24 UTC 2013

Hemant Singh wrote:
> Why doesn't Osmocom apply for GSOC 2013?

Because participating in GSOC requires significant amount of time
for administration and mentoring. In my experience from a few other
projects participating in GSOC it is unfortunately quite rare for
students to really have success in hardware-related projects.

>    - Osmocom community will get to mentor students which is a very
>    important experience, because that is how one understands the
>    problems of new developers

So far the community has grown with new developers who do not need
very much mentoring in order to start contributing, and that of
course saves everyone time. Nobody really has a lot of time to spare
for mentoring, but anyone who is interested in starting to contribute
can of course always try to get mentoring on the mailing lists and on
IRC, also without GSOC. It's important to be self-sufficient though.
Nobody will explain "the code" but somebody might well explain a
specific detail if the right question is asked.


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