ACARS decoder using rtl-sdr

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Skip Tavakkolian skip.tavakkolian at
Mon Jul 29 19:00:02 UTC 2013


Thank you Thierry and Andreas for your work. I've been experimenting with
rtl-sdr library with different RTL2832U devices -- initially for
receiving/decoding ADS-B data, and now for ACARS data -- and have been very
impressed by the device and the code. For ACARS I was on the same path --
i.e. merging Thierry's code with rtl_fm (AM mode) -- and I'm very happy to
see Andreas has already done it!

Incidentally, my plan for writing an ADS-B decoder was also (fortunately)
shortened when I discovered Dump1090 (Salvatore Sanfilippo) and a nice fork
of it (MalcolmRobb).

To compile rtl_acars.c, I added it to my local rtl_sdr source directory and
made a few mods to the CMakeLists.txt files, etc to build/install it. The
diffs can be found here (includes my mods to CMakeLists.txt to compile on
Mac OS X):


Thierry Leconte wrote:
> Le 15/07/2013 09:54, Andreas Reinhardt a écrit :
> > Hi everyone,
> >
> > I have combined "rtl_fm" with Thierry Leconte's (GPL'ed) acarsdec
> library code and created "rtl_acars" which can directly decode ACARS flight
> info messages to the console.
> Hey that's great news!
> I just bought a rtl card for fun recently and subscribe to  this list  .
> Very happy to see someone use my very old acars decoder code :-)
> will try it very soon !
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