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Kevin Finisterre (lists) kf_lists at
Tue Jan 22 08:20:19 UTC 2013

Good to hear. I was also able to get my serial cable fixed so I can finally speak to the CLI on the hardware. 

 > ?
Supported commands:
tuner.init  --  Initialize the tuner
tuner.freq  --  Tune to the specified frequency
tuner.gain  --  Tune to the specified gain
tuner.flt_bw_mix  --  Filter bandwidth (Mixer)
tuner.flt_bw_chan  --  Filter bandwidth (Channel)
tuner.flt_bw_rc  --  Filter bandwidth (RC)
si570.freq  --  Change the SI570 clock frequency
si570.dump  --  Dump SI570 registers
fpga.dump  --  Dump FPGA registers
fpga.pwm1_div  --  PWM divider, Freq = 80MHz/(div+1)
fpga.pwm1_duty  --  PWM duty cycle
fpga.pwm2_div  --  PWM divider, Freq = 80MHz/(div+1)
fpga.pwm2_duty  --  PWM duty cycle
fpga.adc_clkdiv  --  FPGA Clock Divider for ADC (80 MHz/CLKDIV)
fpga.adc_acqlen  --  Num of SCK cycles nCS to AD7357 is held high betewen conversions
ssc.start  --  Start the SSC Receiver
ssc.stop  --  Start the SSC Receiver
ssc.stats  --  Statistics about the SSC
ssc.dump  --  Dump SSC DMA registers


On Jan 20, 2013, at 6:51 PM, Sylvain Munaut <246tnt at> wrote:

> Hi,
> You should know that the fw is being rewritten ( branch mci-rewrite ),
> to use the MCI interface for data transfer, allowing up to 4 MHz
> transfer.
> But this will require a HW mod to be detailled later.
> Cheers,
>   Sylvain

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