Remote SDR# connection to Ham-It-Up HF Converter using RTL-SDR/TCP - Receiver is Deaf

KD9GN kd9gn at
Tue Jan 1 20:58:43 UTC 2013

Happy New Year to Everyone ....

I am thinking this may be more of an issue with rtl_tcp than with the 
client software (SDR#) so I thought I would throw this out there and see 
if anyone has any ideas.

I have a Ham-it-Up up converter connected to an EZcap 668 (e4000) dongle 
and am using a random length long wire antenna all connected on a remote 
linux server (with minimal OS install) where I am running rtl_tcp.  I am 
starting rtl_tcp using the following command:  rtl_tcp -a -p 1236 -d 2

When I connect to the remote dongle/converter using SDRSharp with 
RTL-USB/TCP I get nothing but static / noise.  If I put the converter in 
bypass mode, then SDRSharp and my dongle perform with the typical 
performance I have experienced in the past.

If I move the same dongle and up converter combo to the same pc running 
SDRSharp and connect to the dongle using RTL-SDR/USB I am able to 
receive many HF signals, as one would expect.  For example, CHU Canada, 
WWV, some local CB radio chatter and even our local airport's LF beacon 
at 329 KHZ.

I also tried starting rtl_tcp with the -g option and setting a gain to 
try to match the gain options available under RTL-SDR/USB but that had 
no effect.

I am just wondering if I am not finding the correct settings so this 
will work or if this is an issue with rtl_tcp?

I actually have two other Ezcap 668's running simultaneously on the 
remote linux server as device 0 / port 1234 and device 1 / port 1235 
working just fine when connected to other remote instances of SDR Sharp.

73's - Dave

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