Please add LEADTEK VID 0413:6f0f

Alan Beard beardal at
Thu Feb 28 23:08:48 UTC 2013

Hi guys,

Please add the LEADTEK "WinFast DTV DONGLE MINI D".
EAN code 710918 292751

ARC here in Australia is selling these:
Add to line 234 of "librtlsdr.c"
 { 0x0413, 0x6f0f, "Leadtek RTL2832U + FC0012" },

And to "rtl_eeprom.c" line 179   "    LEADTEK,"

And to "rtl_eeprom.c" line 190
        case LEADTEK:
                fprintf(stderr, "Leadtek default (as without EEPROM)\n");
                conf->vendor_id = 0x0413;
                conf->product_id = 0x6f0f;
                strcpy(conf->manufacturer, "LEADTEK");
                strcpy(conf->product, "RTL2832U + FC0012 DVB-T");
                strcpy(conf->serial, "0");
                conf->have_serial = 1;
                conf->enable_ir = 0;
                conf->remote_wakeup = 1;

Now to try it.

Thanks guys.


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