Multiple dongles 1 rtl-server

Alexandru Csete oz9aec at
Tue Feb 5 11:31:27 UTC 2013

On Tue, Feb 5, 2013 at 7:38 AM, Mathison Ott <mathisono at> wrote:
> Im hopping to spark up a diolog to help to rewrite the RTL-server that
> the group has produced... I currently use the RTL-server with the
> ghpsdr-alex DSP-server.  I have some code that alows the RTL-server to
> see multible dongles... the Problem is that unlike the Softrock-server
> a qtradio user cant select between the different receivers when
> connecting. The DSP-server needs mods to accept a tcp packet from a
> RTL-server with multiple RTL-dongles attached to its hardware. Keep in
> mind could the user select between dongles using a qt_radio check box,
> like the gain control. This could help to mange multiple qtradio
> client connections to a server. Say one receiver is indicated to be In
> Use, then a client can select the next one that isn't in use.

When you write RTL-server, do you mean the rtl_tcp server that is
created and distributed as part of the rtl-sdr package or the
rtlsdr-server included in the ghpsdr-alex code
or maybe something else?


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