any one brave enough to help a newbie with getting started with SDR

Wayne Sanders wsanders at
Fri Feb 1 04:40:06 UTC 2013

Good day all
	I know that this may nor be the proper or correct place to request some 
basic assistance but  I will tempt the wrath of the few.
	First off has the packaging for Linux changed there are many more 
versions now compared to 24 years ago when I dabbled with it running a 
packet radio bbs.  It was Red Hat country then. Now ?
	Any way My questions are of the where to start kind.

	Step 1 Have selected Ubuntu as the o/s  got it installed

	step 2 need to know what form of compiler is needed.
		Worked 28 years ago with Borland's C++

	Step 3 what are the liberaies that I require and where may they
		be found.

	Step 4 And of course a suitable Make File.

	As all can see I am jut renewing a friend ship with a very powerfull 
o/s and of course are having the steep learning curve all over again. 
But expect that I will enjoy it.
	Project at this time is using the NooElec R820T SDR & DVB-T
		Dongle to monitor an number of frequencys in the
		analoge area 54mhz up for Pasive radar detection of
Thanking all in advance.
	If the above questions are deemed off topic again I apoligize and would 
request that a direct e-mail answer to wsanders at  be used if 
it should not be posted
I remain wayne sanders ve7duc  and RDL-OBS observatory

Wayne Sanders

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