Big rtl_fm (and more) improvements, testing requested

Deron deron at
Thu Dec 12 18:15:44 UTC 2013

Some very basic observations, hope they are useful. Some may be a result 
of my (lack of) understanding.

- Control-c will not stop it. It catches the signal, and reports "Signal 
caught, exiting!" but does not. I had to kill -9 to stop it...

- When first run, I get 30 logged errors of "xhci_hcd 0000:00:14.0: 
ERROR no room on ep ring".

- fm was much better than the old version, but -fmwb was the same. I 
narrowed it down to -o 4. That alone destroyed all improvements. By using:

     ./rtl_fm -f 95.1M -M fm -s 170k -A fast -r 32k -l 0 -E deemp - | 
aplay -r 32k -f S16_LE

It was much better. I'll play around more this weekend when I have more 

Overall, very good. Night and day compared to before. Also, cpu usage 
seemed less. Top reports about 3% vs 6% from before.


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