Licensing issues

Scott Cutler scott at
Wed Sep 26 08:45:56 UTC 2012

Dual-licensing is an option I've considered.  It may work, but I haven't 
thought through it fully yet.

The short answer here is that the legal stuff is *unbelievably boring* 
to me in comparison to coding, so if I can write 10 hours of code to 
save 2 hours of bashing my head against license documents, I will.

The rtl_tcp route sounds valid, and easy, and something I'd want 
anyway.  I know there was a lot of drama surrounding SDR#, which is 
precisely why I came here to clear things up and not repeat the same 

So who wants to talk about actual SDR stuff instead?  I see on the 
Osmocom pages that people already have POCSAG decoding, but FLEX isn't 
mentioned (I've only seen closed-source decoders).  I have it working 
pretty well, both at 1600 and 6400 bps.  Amazing how much medical stuff 
is being broadcast in the clear...


On 9/26/2012 1:29 AM, Peter Stuge wrote:
> Scott Cutler wrote:
>> I have nothing against the GPL--but to me it represents an unknown
> Why don't you make it a known?
> It's not really difficult to use dual licensing for your software
> should you want that at some point.
>> I may have a future purpose for the software that involves connecting with
>> closed-source code, and I simply don't know enough about the legal aspects
>> there.
> So FIND OUT. You can ask license-related questions on the list too.
> //Peter

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