why Docs for the ELONICS E4000 are not published

Jay Salsburg jsalsburg at bellsouth.net
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I at least learned something about the Chips in these new TV Tuner Sticks, the tuner is perhaps British. Information about these chips, it seems, is kept secret for some (unimportant) reason I cannot understand. You would think a group or company that manufactures something for sale would publish how to use it; non-disclosures are merely ways to protect trade secrets. These chips are in the open and may be reverse engineered or hacked as is the case in this forum, not publishing their datasheets does not protect them, it only limits their sale. Perhaps someone who has a non-disclosure with them should convey that to the Fabricator.

Thank you 

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> Is the reason why Docs for the ELONICS E4000 are not published because 
> it is Chinese?

The E4K is from a UK company AFAIK, not chinese. It's only available under Non-Disclosure-Agreement, they don't just give it out. (I tried

I'm not sure exactly what terms the RTL datasheet are available under, but in any case it's a copyrighted document.



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