OsmoSDR developer beta

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Tue May 8 21:45:49 UTC 2012

Harald Welte wrote:
> So if you want to be among the first 16, I suggest you reply to this
> message and give us a short description of who you are (if you are not a
> Osmocom regular) as well as some committment that you are actually going
> to work on improving the code.  If you already know an area that you'd
> like to work on, please state that, too.

I'd like to order one to work on the control interface in firmware as
well as on the host. I've said that for a while, and while this can
be done even without hardware being able to test helps (at least my)
motivation a lot.

In any case I'm of course happy to assist others with anything and
everything related to libusb, including problems upstream, where
being able to test locally can also help.

I'll make a deal: Consider reserving a device for me only if I
deliver some patches for USB stuff in firmware and host before
noon Monday next week! :)

I also have another idea: Let's schedule a hackaton (code sprint,
pick your favorite name) next week when hardware has arrived, where
those with interest meet up in Berlin and hack together on the TODO
list, which will allow us to more easily share the hardware even if
there are only a few devices available. Peer pressure also helps get
things done.


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