Recent librtlsdr and example program don't work

Peter Stuge peter at
Tue May 8 21:03:36 UTC 2012

Harald Welte wrote:
> > and it seems that there is no practical way to do an hard reset the
> > dongle remotely (I would like to be wrong of course, so if anyone
> > know how, please tell me).
> have you tried issuing a USB Bus reset to the bus the device is
> residing on?

I think that's still only a software reset. :\

USB hubs can optionally allow software to control the power supply of
ports individually, and this could of course be used to power cycle
any bus powered USB device.

As far as I know, no hub driver exposes an API to do this however -
but I'd love to be wrong about this, so please tell me if anyone knows!


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