RTL2832 SDR plugin for HDSDR/etc

Balint Seeber balint256 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 29 06:04:33 UTC 2012

Hi folks,


'rtl-sdr' is a great development. Thank you to all involved!


I'd like to throw in my bit: I've just released a beta version of my ExtIO
plugin <http://wiki.spench.net/wiki/ExtIO_USRP>  with support for
RTL2832+E4000 (my one is called 'ezcap'). This means you can use the DVB-T
USB stick with Winrad <http://www.winrad.org/> /HDSDR <http://www.hdsdr.de/>
/WRplus, etc.




I've done a fair bit of work <http://wiki.spench.net/wiki/RF>  in GNU Radio,
but I find having a simple/functional 'software specan' (i.e. those apps) is
another great test tool. The ExtIO plugin also lets you stream the received
baseband data from the app to GNU Radio over your LAN (just use the UDP
Source block!).


Apart from RTL2832, the plugin also supports all USRPs, the FUNcube Dongle,
and functions as a network client if you choose to connect your SDR hardware
to a separate computer and wish to stream the data & control the radio
across your LAN (lossless, compared to having to use a long length of
coax!). This protocol/implementation is called BorIP
<http://wiki.spench.net/wiki/BorIP> , and is essentially a transparent
network abstraction for the SDR receivers mentioned above (not really
necessary if you have a LAN-enabled USRP, but great for USRP 1 & B100). The
BorIP server is included with the plugin's installer.


Additionally, I recently released many new blocks (in the gr-baz
<http://wiki.spench.net/wiki/Gr-baz>  module) and patches
<http://wiki.spench.net/wiki/GNU_Radio_Patches>  for GNU Radio too, part of
which enables native BorIP reception support in GNU Radio (BorIP Source
block, and BorIP protocol/packet support for UDP Source Block). The enhanced
Source blocks are handy because they will notify you of hardware/buffer
overruns at the server and network packet loss. Other new blocks help with
automatic FEC decoding, and also include Variable Delay (great for blind
signal analysis), a simple eye diagram sink (originally from OP25
<http://op25.osmocom.org/> ) and a Fast Auto-correlation Sink
<http://wiki.spench.net/wiki/Fast_Auto-correlation>  (originally from


I'm probably going to add my own implementation of a native RTL2832 Source
block to gr-baz tonight, so I may post again soon.


Hope this is useful!


Kind regards,

Balint @spenchdotnet <http://twitter.com/spenchdotnet> 

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