Contributing to rtl-sdr (fc0012)

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Tue Mar 27 12:17:37 UTC 2012

Hi David,


It works on my Ezcap eztv646 ! Congratulations and thank you.

However I had to tweak main.c and force fc0002 tuner because it was always taking elonics e4000 tuner.
This because the Ezcap seems to have clash with the VID&PID, mine is 0BDA:2838, 
the same codes as for the model with an elonics tuner.
I don't know if there's another way to differentiate them. Otherwise, rtl-sdr 
will need to have a flag to force a certain type of tuner.

It works on FM band but with bad performance and I have noticed unwanted images (at +/-400kHz) and also adjacent interference problems.

There is not this problem with the Noxon DAB+ key that has a FC0013 tuner. My interpretation is that the FC0013 has got enhanced filtering (looking at the driver code).

There may be ways to adjust gains in FC0012 but there's very few information about this chip unfortunately.
I didn't have the occasion to test the elonics tuner yet (order in wait mode at dealextreme, Terratec Cinergy RC rev3 not yet available here yet)

Trying different sampling frequencies, it seems it doesn't work under 1Msample/s.

For those interested to interface directly with gnuradio, it works well using FIFO and a buffer (mbufer), example command:
./rtl-sdr -f 96700000 -s 2048000 /dev/stdout |mbuffer -m 32m -P 25 >out.fifo



 De : David Basden <davidb-sdr at>
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Objet : Contributing to rtl-sdr (fc0012)

I'm just wondering what the best way to be able to contribute code
into the rtl-sdr project is?

I've added support for the FC0012 tuner (based on the dvb driver and
cleaned up some), and would much rather contribute directly rather
than fork it just for the sake of the stuff I write.

There's a diff here: against rtl-sdr
a few days back. I've got a couple of fixes that aren't in that patch
still to upload (like setting GPIO6 to flip the V/U band filter. Oops.)


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