Peter Hoffmann Hoffmann.P at gmx.net
Mon Mar 26 09:13:03 UTC 2012

All Right Peter, I think I found the right source, I just checked the
mailinglist on which the GnuRadioCompangion-diagram was posted and
"Tada"-the I found the(/one possible) demodulation.

Thanks for your advice, I'll stay tuned

Peter Hoffmann

Am 24.03.2012 22:37, schrieb Peter Stuge:
> Hi,
> Peter Hoffmann wrote:
>> I planing to use the Noxon DVB USB Stick as an sdr to listen to our
>> baby monitor and extend it's radius this way.
> Note that rtl-sdr and osmocom-sdr are different pieces of hardware.
> I'm not sure whether rtl-sdr is on topic on this mailing list. Let's
> see what others say.
>> neither the I/Q nor the cfile I created using the gnu-radio
>> companion results in data I can listen to sending it to /dev/audio
> A few points:
> /dev/audio only accepts very special audio formats. Use a program to
> play audio files.
> I/Q and cfile may need to be demodulated (gnuradio should do it)
> before you get audio information that you can play with the program
> for playing audio files.
> //Peter

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