Peter Hoffmann Hoffmann.P at gmx.net
Sat Mar 24 21:04:46 UTC 2012


I just stumbled over the rtl-sdr without any prior knowledge about srd
or the osmocom-project. I'm sorry if this hole project is just not for
newbies but I wanted to at least ask for help.
I planing to use the Noxon DVB USB Stick as an sdr to listen to our baby
monitor and extend it's radius this way.
My first step is to listen to a fm radio station by collecting some I/Q
on the stations frequency. But neither the I/Q nor the cfile I created
using the gnu-radio companion results in data I can listen to sending it
to /dev/audio. I assume, I'm making some major mistakes so I want to ask
for some hints or reading advice (some M to RTFM ;-)

Thank you,
Hoffmann P

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