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Hi everybody,

after a few weeks of apparent silence I'm here to report the current
status of the OsmoSDR stick. I know that a bit more reporting and
general traffic on the list would be good for the project, but please
be patient with us since this project runs in all our spare time - and
there is not much of that...

I have to admit that the advent of the rtl-sdr is bit a kick into the
stomach, but I fear that the problem lies with us and our slow progress.

However I can only stress that the OsmoSDR will be more flexible,
powerful, programmable (even stand-alone operation is possible!) and
sensitive. Many of you don't care much about sensitivity, but you will
notice the difference when you see it...

But now to the facts:
- - the OsmoSDR revision 2 review is completed and the PCBs are ordered
- - depending on the workload of the PCB shop, we have to wait ten to 15
working days for the PCBs to ship to Stefan Reimann (DG8FAC)
- - he will assemble 20 boards immediately (machine time is booked)
- - after that we will tests and checks that no fatal bug remains
- - after that the rest are assembled
- - we will have about 100 boards then (most probably a few will need
some rework as soldering is not a 100% process)

For the revision 2 we changed the following things:

- - clock output of the Si570 was reworked the mitigate voltage level
problems on the E4000 input
- - a lowpass in to E4000 input was added to kill harmonics from the
Si570 (the Si570 produces a square wave signal)
- - a ~20dB LNA was added to increase sensitivity to -125dB @ 450 MHz
(at least we hope so :)
- - a lowpass at the antenna input was added to avoid driving 100mW into
the E4000 when a WLAN near to the stick goes on TX
- - serial wire debugging for the SAM3U was added
- - a few lines at the FPGA were rerouted
- - LEDs moved to the border of the board
- - the board was shrunk 1mm to fit into a casing
- - the expansion pins were moved to fit into the 2.54mm grid (a
breadboard should fit neatly on top)

During the sensitivity tests I did two weeks ago I saw that the RX
spectrum is pretty clean and the RX filters in the E4000 are really good.

So - even with a few weeks delay - we can finally look forward to get
our hands at the OsmoSDR and we will have a really good receiver at
our hands!


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