gr-ais for rtl-sdr

Dimitri Stolnikov horiz0n at
Tue Jul 24 21:52:44 UTC 2012

Hi Antoine,

> I have tried to modify the AIS decoding implementation from Nick Foster
> ( in order to be able to use an rtl dongle as
> a source. Unfortunately I am not living by the sea and I cannot test it
> before a couple of week. Is there anybody able to receive AIS messages
> willing to test my changes? You can find it on github:

If someone provides a standard gnuradio-format cfile of AIS you can run it  
offline using a device argument of the form --args  
"file=/path/to/your.cfile,rate=2048e3,repeat=true,throttle=true" in the  
osmosdr block. Note the mandatory rate argument and optional repeat &  
throttle arguments.

> The 2 main assumptions I made are:
> - Nick first implementation is working

Never had a chance to test it myself.

> - rtl-sdr is able to have a sample rate of 256 kHz.

Unfortunately this is not the case. You still could use a higher sample  
rate here (1024e3 or 2048e3) and then apply decimation/resampling until  
you reach your required samplerate.

Best regards,


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