rtl-sdr web git interface not updating

Stefan Sydow st at metafly.info
Sat Jul 7 11:48:21 UTC 2012

I can see the current commits on the webpage: 

The summary page says:

Branch	Commit message	Author	Age
master	tuner_fc0012: add manual gain support	Steve Markgraf	3 days
steve-m/direct_sampling	[experimental] enable direct sampling for frequencies < 30 MHz	Steve Markgraf	3 days
Age	Commit message	Author	Files	Lines
3 days	tuner_fc0012: add manual gain supportHEADmaster	Steve Markgraf	2	-3/+30
3 days	tuner_e4k: relicense driver under GPLv2+	Steve Markgraf	1	-2/+7
4 days	automake: define pkg-config variables	Dimitri Stolnikov	1	-0/+4
4 days	add another PID for Noxon v1 stick	Steve Markgraf	2	-0/+2
6 days	rtl_tcp: ignore SIGPIPE	Steve Markgraf	1	-1/+3
8 days	correctly clear DDC shift and if_freq registers	Steve Markgraf	1	-2/+3
10 days	introduce getters for tuner parameters (gain, type)	Dimitri Stolnikov	3	-29/+115
10 days	print the frequency for which the PLL couldn't lock	Dimitri Stolnikov	1	-8/+8
12 days	add PID for Zaapa ZT-MINDVBZP	Steve Markgraf	2	-0/+4
13 days	link applications to shared library	Steve Markgraf	1	-3/+3

It looks like my git history.  Have I missed a detail? 

Am 07.07.2012 13:18, schrieb Francesco Gugliuzza:
> The git web interface at http://cgit.osmocom.org/cgit/rtl-sdr/ is not
> reporting new changes after commit
> e5afd9894d730dd012ad6b73e6e56cf99e6266a2 (2012-06-08), and it's
> reporting wrong commit ages. Could it be fixed?
> Thanks.

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