Linrad with rtlsdr with and the e4000 tuner.

la at la at
Thu Jul 5 19:41:04 UTC 2012

> I assume everyone involved in constructing the Control Code for the Tuner
> Dongles started out by recording the I2C stream on the Dongle coming from
> the Original Dongle Software that comes with the Dongle for watching TV and
> FM Radio.

As far as the e4k is concerned: We're currently using the OsmoSDR driver 
which was written by people who have access to the e4k datasheet, this 
driver predates rtlsdr by quite a bit, and I'd dare to say that it is 
unwise to modify constants used by it unless your datasheet disagrees 
with ours.

Unfortunately there is very little known about the other tuners, so 
their code is mostly just modified v4l code.

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