Status update OsmoSDR firmware

Harald Welte laforge at
Wed Feb 29 01:53:31 UTC 2012


The firmware status has improved significantly,  It is now 'fully
functional' in that it can tune, receive and stream digital spectrum via
USB high-speed isochronuos transfers into a PC, where alsa happily
receives them even at speeds in the range of 1MS/s.

In contrast to earlier versions, SSC/DMA start and stop is now fully
automatic with opening/closing the audio device on the USB host (Linux

Tuning cnanot yet be done via USB but has to be done on the UART.

Commands like

> tuner.init!


> tuner.freq=88300000

can be used interactively on a mini embedded command line.

For some more info on usage, check

The RF guys should now be able to validate that the spectrum of the
device is clean and thus authorize the production of the first batch of
100 units.  With some luck, they will be available at OsmoDevCon !


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