E4000 (and 820T)

Eric Preston monlinux at gmail.com
Wed Dec 5 18:00:21 UTC 2012

On 2012-12-05, at 8:29 AM, Mathias Coinchon wrote:

> Hello,
> I was wondering if it's still possible nowadays to find on the market RTL2832 USB sticks based on the Elonics E4000 tuner since they went bankrupt.
> It seems that most of tuner chips used now are based on Fitopower FC0013. 
> In term of performance, which one is the best according to your experience ?
> Regards
> Mathias

This guy:
	http://www.nooelec.com (and ebay store nooelec)

is still selling sticks with the E4000 and 820T as well as the ham-it-up upconverter for HF, and I can confirm that he's actually labelled the items correctly as I've bought a handful of the E4000 and 820Ts from there in the past couple months. 


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