Real-time DRM+ receiver chain using the NOXON stick

Feilen, Michael michael.feilen at
Thu Apr 19 13:35:46 UTC 2012

Dear Osmocon-SDR People,

Thank you so much for providing the information on the RTL-SDR USB sticks on your webpage!
I've used the stick to get a DRM+ receiver implementation running and the stick seems to work quite well:

I've had to twiddle around with the tuner parameters of the FC0013 to get it running stable. However, I've never reached more than 25 dB SNR for the in-band OFDM signal (which has a bw of 100 kHz and I'm resampling from 1 MS/s to 120 kS/s). I wonder if the tuner is the limiting factor or the RTL chip. With a resolution of 8 bit, I would have expected more. Hmm, maybe it's the phase noise of the tuner or the IQ correction routines of the RTL chip? Has anybody of you guys a meaningful measure for the quality of the different tuners for the RTL stick? I know that the E4000 supports a higher bandwidth but does it provide a better IQ signal with less distortion?


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