Buffer length in rtlsdr_wait_async

Andrea Montefusco andrew at montefusco.com
Wed Apr 4 21:02:57 UTC 2012

Hi all,

together with Oliver  DL6KBG (that really provides me with all the hardware needed, thanks !), we 
are attempting to write a server suitable for use with ghpsdr3-alex SDR software.

A first attempt using the a home built code was quite successfully, albeit some defect is yet there.

Now we are trying to use the librtlsdr: first off, many thanks to developers.

We are stucked into  rtlsdr_wait_async that is using a fixed quite large buffer, as per

#define BUF_LENGTH     (16 * 16384)

now that is quite inconvenient in ghpsdr3-alex, because, at low sample rate (250000) we use, we are 
unable to cope with the large delay that this large buffer introduces.
So, just as crude workaround, we simply patched the value into the lib.
What would be ideal is an additional parameter in rtlsdr_wait_async that allow us to reduce the 
buffer to a more suitable size for our needs.

Thanks in advance


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