rtl-sdr with airprobe

schwandre at gmx.net schwandre at gmx.net
Mon Apr 2 21:33:04 UTC 2012

> I'd like to know what was the reasoning behind that statement ?

> To me it shows a deep lack of understanding on how that script works ...

the reason for this statement was, that i read somewhere,
that the example-file was recorded with 1,8 MS/s and decimation of 174.

yes, you are right, i don't know how that script works,
i read the sources and understood maybe 5% of it, because
this is all really new for me, as i am not a professional
and my last programm i wrote, was for the 6510 about 20 years ago....

now i did some more readings and found, that to have needed bandwith
of 200 khz with 1,8 MS/s is a decimation rate of 9 ?
decimation=MS/bw ?

guess i have to read a lot more, thanks for your info!

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