rtl-sdr with airprobe

schwandre at gmx.net schwandre at gmx.net
Mon Apr 2 14:18:48 UTC 2012


I tried to use the recorded capture.bin of several arfcn with aiprobe.
Checked the arfcn before with cell-log of osmocom.

I converted the capture.bin to the cfile format with the
rtl2832-cfile gnuradio block.
checked the converted recordings with fft-gui of gnuradio.
Seems to be fine.

Now i used gsm-receiver with the follwing option to decode the broadcast
traffic that is in ts0:
GSM/airprobe/gsm-receiver/src/python$ ./go_usrp2.sh capture.cfile 174 0b

with the downloaded samplefile of srlabs it works fine, but with mine not.
i also tried to change the dezimation rate, did not help.

i recorded the bin file with 1.8MS/s also did some tests with 200kS/s.

How do i calculate the dezimation rate for the different MS/s ?

I think it should work when i use 1.8MS/s and decimation rate of 174.
What i am doing wrong?

I am using the Hama Nano and the terratec noxon, both are working fine,
tested it on radio-broadcast 88-108 MHz and 433 MHz ISM-Band.

Will be thankful for any hint.


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