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 tagged by  Holger Hans Peter Freyther
        on  Mon Oct 12 09:43:54 2015 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Bump the version as we are using 0.14.0 for far too long


Alexander Chemeris (2):
      libbsc: Move SIs update/generation for a BTS into a separate function.
      msc: Add channel information to the meas_feed, bump version to v1.

Andreas Eversberg (6):
      rtp: Add handling of BFI (Bad Frame Indicatior) of received TRAU frames
      rtp: Fixed problem of mute audio on some calls
      Add check for non existing lchan at tch_frame_down()
      Add option to set RADIO LINK TIMEOUT value via VTY
      Send RADIO LINK TIMEOUT value via OML attribute to BTS
      Add full AMR multirate IE support with VTY config for MS and BTS side

Andreas Rottmann (3):
      Fix build wrt. missing CFLAGS constituents
      Fix "make distcheck"
      build: avoid spurious hard dependency on libosmo-sccp

Ciaby (1):
      Add SMPP support in the debian build, include libsmpp34-dev as a dependency.

Daniel Willmann (4):
      libmsc: Use RAND_bytes when choosing a tmsi
      gprs: Use RAND_bytes for p-tmsi
      libmsc: Use RAND_bytes to choose auth tuple
      libmsc: Use RAND_bytes to generate a token

Harald Welte (11):
      sgsn: make all SGSN timers configurable via the VTY
      GMM: add hexdump in case of unknown pdisc/msgtype
      LLC: Don't feed length=0 frames to SNDCP / GMM
      LLC: Don't dispatch XID frames into GMM
      GMM: use MMCTXP whenever possible to include MS identity in log output
      GMM: Don't use DGPRS logging category from GMM
      GMM: fix format string compiler warning
      GSM/GPRS 04.08: Don't print numeric mobile identity types
      Use 'ROUTING AREA' consistently, not 'ROUTEING AREA'
      Fix neighbor channel list generation for 1900 MHz PCS band
      system_information.c: Distinguish two previously identical log msgs

Holger Hans Peter Freyther (168):
      debian: We are at version 0.14 now
      rtp: Use osmocom/netif/rtp.h for the rtp structure definition
      rtp: Catch up with the removal of the rtp.h
      rtp: And really catch up and remove all occurences of openbsc/rtp.h
      rtp: Fix memory leak fixed by Andreas without mentioning it
      write_queue: Check the result of osmo_wqueue_enqueue and free
      libmgcp: Fail if transcoding can't be configured
      bsc: Allow to use different LAC/CI for the core-network
      bsc: In preparation to the MT lac/ci patching split the code
      bsc: Change paging strategy based on override or not
      bts: "Repair" broken channels if we receive the release ack
      nat: The reject cause of "-1" has failure meaning, change it
      nat: Inform others if an IMSI is rejected
      nat: Add a ctrl command to add to an existing ACC list
      nat: Add ctrl command to save the configuration
      nat: Check the con->imsi for the tracked IMSI
      nat: Check for the access list in set command as well
      debian: meas2pcap requires libpcap-dev unconditionally
      misc: Fix warnings about size of size_t in printf
      sgsn/gtp: Fill out the optional RAT type
      nat: Make mode-set patching optional
      mgcp: Ignore the case for finding a codec
      mgcp: Allow to disable transcoding for trunks
      debian: Do not depend on shared libraries directly
      mncc: Select the codec similar to the modify handling
      sub: Remove paging requests before dispatching
      sub: Remove introspection of the "channel queue"
      sub: Remove the queue from the subscriber code
      Merge branch 'zecke/features/no-queue'
      mgcp: Fix compiler warning on 64bit builds
      filter: Move the gsm 04.08 filter to a common place
      filter: Move the method definition to the filter module
      filter: Move the access list management around
      filter: Move VTY code into the filter module
      filter: Cease out "struct bsc_nat" from the API
      filter: Remove nat from bsc_nat_acc_lst and replace with msg
      filter: Rename BSC to LOCAL and NAT to GLOBAL
      filter: More renaming and remove of "NAT" from it
      filter: Separate SCCP/BSSAP extraction and gsm48 code
      filter: Remove NAT knowledge from auth_imsi
      filter: Put all the parameters in a struct to avoid order issues
      filter: Remove the bsc_connection from the internal functions
      filter: Remove nat_sccp_connection from public API
      filter: Remove bsc_connection from the filter API
      filter: Move from DNAT to DFILTER category
      filter: Move the con_type into the filter_state
      bsc: Add access lists to the MSC and the BSC
      bsc: Add access list filtering to the BSC
      bsc: Send a LU Reject in case it has been filtered
      Merge branch 'zecke/features/acc-list'
      gsup: Document passing MSISDN as part of the response
      gsup: Specify the QoS service for the PDP info
      gsup: Extract the new MSISDN string
      gsup: Extract the QoS field
      sgsn: Copy the msisdn to the sgsn_data and use it in PDP activation
      sgsn: Store subscribed QoS and attempt to use it
      sgsn: Handle different levels of QoS
      sgsn: Dump the E164 (encoded) assigned to the subscriber
      sgsn: Show the QoS that has been assigned
      Merge branch 'zecke/features/gprs-gsup-fixes'
      sgsn: Make the free function internal
      sgsn: Extract the MSISDN from the subscr data structure
      sgsn: Add various signals consumed by CDR or other client code
      sgsn: Create an initial and limited CDR module
      sgsn: Add VTY configuration for the CDR module
      Merge branch 'zecke/features/cdr'
      debian: Fix dependencies pointed out by lintian
      cdr: Remember the charging id supplied by the GGSN
      sgsn: Always include the routing area identity
      sgsn: Encode the ULI for the PDP context creation ack
      sgsn: Give the IMEI to the GGSN for analysis
      Merge branch 'zecke/features/sgsn-gtp-cdr'
      sgsn: Clear LAC/RAC value for the routing area identity
      sgsn: Reserved bits should be set to 1
      sgsn: Change the selection mode to verified
      gsup: Add the HLR-Number as type and use it for UpdateLocation Res
      gsup: Decode/Encode the hlr-Number in the GSUP message
      gsup: Copy the hlr-Number and use it during purge
      sgsn: Extract the hlr Number into the mm context
      Merge branch 'zecke/features/sgsn-hlr-number'
      sgsn: If there is a subscr don't allow an empty list
      sgsn: Deal with no static ggsn being configured at all
      sgsn: Re-factor the activate PDP code for future changes
      sgsn: Create a copy of the msgb for later usage
      sgsn: Integrate c-ares with the osmocom event loop
      sgsn: Allow to resolve the IPv4 address of a GGSN through DNS
      sgsn: Allow to specify the DNS servers that should be used
      ggsn: The id is a uint32_t don't print it as signed
      sgsn: Do not search the name with the "domain" name attached to it
      sgsn: Check the return value of osmo_fd_register
      sgsn: seleted_apn_str might be NULL do not strcpy
      sgsn: Simplify finding/using the first address of the result
      bsc: Attempt to fix crash when sending a SCCP CREF message
      bts: Arfcn can never be smaller than 0
      nat: Add size check for the payload
      nat: Factor out the config by token search
      nat: Close the connection after we couldn't find the user
      bsc/nat: Fix the structure of the identity request message
      nat: Provide access to /dev/urandom for the code
      nat: Send 16 bytes of rand to the BSC and remember it
      bsc: Check for the rand and then generate a res
      nat: After we identified the bsc check the key
      Merge branch 'zecke/features/auth'
      nat: Use RAND_bytes instead of /dev/urandom
      configure: No need to check for crypt here
      configure: Do not link all applications against libgsm
      sms: Move the routing of the sms to a separate function
      sms: Put the try_deliver into the header file
      sms: Simplify the return handling for SMPP routes/unroutable
      sms: Add a way to always route SMS through SMPP systems
      sms: Do not go through the routing a second time
      Merge branch 'zecke/features/smpp-route'
      bsc: Rename core_ncc to core_mnc
      sms: Fix the non-SMPP mode of the test
      mgcp: Include enough socket data structures to build on freebsd
      build: Include sys/socket.h for AF_UNSPEC
      nitb: Be less strict about the reject cause
      nitb: Add a mode to not use TMSI for normal operation
      Merge branch 'zecke/features/no-tmsi'
      64bit: Fix compiler warnings in regard to 64bit
      paging: Move the silent_call code to use the subscriber request
      paging: In case paging failed stop it everywhere
      paging: Go through all BTS to stop paging
      paging: Stop paging everywhere before dispatching any signal
      paging: Forget we were paging after the dispatch
      Merge branch 'zecke/changes/paging-order'
      subscr: Fix potential subscr ref count issue
      subscr: Fix subscr refcount issue in case of message error
      Merge branch 'zecke/fixes/subscr-leak'
      paging: Provide information about pending requests
      sms: Attempt to plug memory leaks seen at Rhizomatica
      nat: Forward SDP files with multiple payload types in it
      mgcp: Remove unused parsing data struct
      mgcp: Move the SDP handling into a separate file/module
      mgcp: Turn SDP file parsing in a two stage process
      mgcp: Allow to enforce that the codecs need to match
      Merge branch 'zecke/features/sdp-codec-handling'
      mgcp: Avoid crashing when rtpmap is not complete
      mgcp: Test we don't crash on the NAT dummy MGCP message
      mgcp: Add transcoding from PCMU as well
      mgcp: Begin to separate network and bts endpoints
      mgcp: Allow to bind to different ports for net/bts ports
      debian: Add libssl-dev for the NAT
      debian: Require ares for the SGSN and GGSN resolving
      mgcp: Fix grammar, clean-up return codes
      mncc: Update the protocol to match LCR
      mncc: Implement the direct RTP mode for ip based systems
      mncc: Implement CRCX->MDCX for handover for direct rtp mode
      mncc: Use the default codec from the built-in mncc mode
      Merge branch 'zecke/features/rtp-bridge'
      gbproxy: Add quirk commands to allow upgrade from pre-release
      vty: Change the return type from enum to int
      debian: Attempt to fix packaging and point to a meaningful readme
      amr: Remove some code duplication in preparation
      amr: Instead of putting ms/bts into the same struct.. use it twice
      amr: Kill more duplication and let the code work one of the modes
      amr: Attempt to unbreak the AMR support in the BSC
      Merge branch 'zecke/features/amr'
      mgcp: Indicate where the sending failed
      osmux: Test cid allocation and de-allocation
      osmux: Do not divide the number of bytes by eight.
      osmux: Add introspection for osmux.
      osmux: Allow to enforce using Osmux for the client
      osmux: Enforce Osmux only global and per BSC configuration
      osmux: Remember the allocated CID and make sure it is released
      osmux: Make sure that bigger Osmux ids actually fit
      Merge branch 'zecke/features/osmux-reliability'
      mgcp: Use the right bind addresses for NET and BTS

Ivan Kluchnikov (1):
      gsm_04_08: Use osmo_assert for transt->conn and conn only in case of paging succeeded

Jacob Erlbeck (6):
      nat: Fix timeslot range in 'show bsc mgcp' VTY command
      gprs: Fix GSUP cancel_type handling (Coverity)
      nitb: Check source string length before calling strncpy (Coverity)
      nitb: Fix IMSI/IMEI buffer handling (Coverity)
      mgcp: Move assignment of src_codec downwards
      mgcp/test: Fix mgcp-transcoding assertion (Coverity)

Max (3):
      ignore debian build byproducts
      Replace ad-hoc function with generic one from libosmocore
      use non-vararg functions if possible

Michael McTernan (2):
      Fix GSM900 ARFCN range check
      mgcp: Remove use of hardwired @mgw from endpoint IDs.

Neels Hofmeyr (7):
      openbsc/ check for pcap/pcap.h.
      Remove empty README.
      osmo-nitb: obsess about --help formatting.
      bsc_nat: Fix 1 log error output of wrong variable.
      sgsn_main: in -h, print default config file
      gsup: factor out header composition & sending.
      Add OAP design document.

Pablo Neira Ayuso (2):
      osmux: add option to pad the circuit with dummy messages
      osmux: fix show online-help


The OpenBSC GSM Base Station Controller (+MSC/HLR/SGSN)

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