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- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
This is 0.14.0
Version: GnuPG v1


Alexander Chemeris (12):
      sgsn: Fix lengths of MS Network Capability and MS Radio Access Capability elements.
      Fix copy-paste error in console output in db_test.
      Fix typo ',' -> ';' at the end of a line.
      Fix typo in console output: "PEROIDOC" -> "PERIODIC".
      sms: Possiqble meamleak fix gsm340_rx_tpdu()
      nitb: Add "subscriber create" VTY command.
      abis: Consistent usage of LOGP/DEBUGP for "RSL CONNECT NACK"
      db: Remove the german from the log message
      db: Add more tests for retrieving subscribers from a DB.
      db,sms: Rename db_sms_mark_sent() to db_sms_mark_delivered()
      sms: Rename gsm340_gen_tpdu() to gsm340_gen_sms_deliver_tpdu()
      sms: Do not store received id in the SMS database.

Alexander Huemer (2): Use AM_CPPFLAGS
      ussd: Fix test for RELEASE COMPLETE

Andreas Eversberg (18):
      Add VTY option to set GPRS network-control-order to enable MS measurements
      Fix: Handle CM service request on already secured channel correctly
      Fix: Handle CM service request on already secured channel correctly
      Fix: Nokia requires VTY's "oml e1" parameters also
      Add EFR support to TRAU muxer + test case
      Add VTY option for Nokia BTS that does not send RELease CONFirm message
      Each BTS can be configured for speech support (other than GSM full rate)
      Remove obsolete check of conn and lchan pointers not beeing NULL
      Use 'defines' for length and duration of RTP payload
      Add function to update TRAU muxer after assignment or handover
      mncc: Complete definitions for all speech traffic frames at MNCC interface
      mncc: Use helper function to check if an MNCC frame is data (speech/traffic)
      mncc: Add support for half rate V1 frames to MNCC/RTP interface
      Add check to tch_map(), if RTP sockets exist
      bsc_api/NITB: If TCH/H channel is used, indicate it to bsc_api
      Add support for AMR frames to MNCC/RTP interface
      dyn PDCH: Cleanup of rsl_chan_activate_lchan() and users
      MNCC: Add IMSI to CALL CONFIRM message

Ciaby (1):
      nitb: Add a test for "show network" in the python testsuite.

Daniel Willmann (13):
      smpp_smsc: Fix socket read() error handling
      smpp_smsc: Check that the size is large enough to hold actual data
      smpp_smsc: Fix integer overflow in read return value and msgb_alloc()
      rtp_proxy: Prevent out-of-bounds read in rtcp_sdes_cname_mangle
      bsc_hack: Don't strdup the string arguments
      libbsc, osmo-bsc{, _nat}: Prevent unaligned access when casting TLVP_VAL
      gprs_llc: Prevent llme_alloc/lle_init from reading invalid memory
      systemd: Add Install section to service files
      gprs_sgsn.h: Add two macros to log details of MM/PDP contexts
      gprs: Improve loglevels and log messages for SGSN
      gprs: Move log message about mm context after NULL check
      libbsc/system_information.c: Fix off-by-one error in si4 generation with CBCH enabled
      libbsc/chan_alloc: Fix size of pchan to hold the +CBCH channels as well

Harald Welte (68):
      Fix osmo-nitb build without libsmpp
      SMPP: Respond with BIND_TRX_RESP to BIND_TRX, not BIND_TX_RESP
      SMPP: Pass on 0xFx style DCS from SMPP to GSM
      SMPP: Add new 'dcs_transparent' ESME setting
      osmo-bsc VTY: fix saving of codec-list
      GPRS LLC: Add non-standard method of sequence number recovery
      bsc_vty: Print human-readable string version of NM ADM STATE
      ctrlif: Flush/Clear write_queue when closing the control socket
      smpp_openbsc: Fix parsing of 03.38 data coding scheme in MO case
      Fix license header at smpp_openbsc.c and smpp_smsc.c
      sgsn: add a minimalistic ACL
      sgsn: Add "auth-policy" VTY command to enable/disable ACL
      remove 'bind early' from osmo-bsc_mgcp example config
      SMPP: complete the VTY help/documentation
      sgsn: spelling fixes inside comments
      SMPP: don't get stuck in case of SMS memory exceeded
      SMPP: use VTY setting for E212/E164 in ALERT NOTIFICATION
      SMPP: add missing VTY parameter 'deliver-src-imsi' for ESME
      osmo-nitb: don't print 'bac_hack' in usage/help output
      Make gsm48_lchan2chan_desc() reflect a ts-specific TSC
      Do not expect all BTSs support TSC != BCC
      TSC: Add new gsm_ts_tsc() function to resolve TSC of TS
      Fix more hidden TSC bugs for Ericsson BTS
      SMPP: UCS2 data_coding is 0x08, not 0x80!
      rtp_proxy: Simplify AMR handling
      rtp_proxy.c: Correctly set msg_type to GSM_TCH_FRAME_AMR on AMR
      chan_alloc: Fall-back to TCH/H, if we cannot find a TCH/F
      trau_mux.c: Prevent out-of-bounds read in trau_encode_fr()
      DB: produce a backtrace in case of a DB error
      vty: Fix interactive VTY help for silent-sms transmission
      ipaccess-proxy: avoid namespace collision with libosmo-abis
      adopt recent IPA related symbol rename
      Fix control interface build after IPA rename/migration
      move libctrl from openbsc to libosmoctrl (libosmocore.git)
      ctrl_if: Split bsc_ctrl_cmd_handle() in two parts
      libctrl: Move bulk of node lookup code into libosmocore
      libctrl: Follow rename of controlif_setup -> ctrl_interface_setup Depend on libosmocore 0.7.0
      Fix bsc_ctrl_node_lookup after libctrl changes
      fix missing '\' at end of line in
      move gsm_bts_num() to gsm_data_shared.[ch]
      gsm_data_shared: Add new trx_power_params for osmo-bts
      move GSM_RESERVED_TMSI to libosmocore
      Use port number #defines for VTY and CTRL ports
      port over to libosmocore include/osmocom/gsm/meas_rep.h
      Add basic support for CBCH / SMS-CB (Cell Brroadcast)
      move gsm_bts_get_cbch() to gsm_data_shared() as its needed in osmo-bts
      chan_alloc.c: Don't remove SDCCH/8 without CBCH
      chan_alloc: Fix missing break statement
      rtp_proxy: Remove dead code
      Fix most compiler warnings with gcc-4.9.2
      convert away from deprecated gsm_7bit_{encode,decode}() functions
      chan_alloc: remove ts_alloc() and ts_free()
      Initial support for export + curses-visualization of measurements
      meas_vis: assign bar colors depending on level, display RxQual
      meas_vis: Add header and print TA + TO values
      build meas_vis only if libcdk is available
      meas_feed: Add tool to read meas_feed PCAP and write it to sqlite3
      meas_feed: add osmo-meas-udp2db for realtime feed into database
      meas_feed.c: Fix compiler warning
      Merge branch 'laforge/meas_vis'
      SMS: Attempting to send SMS is not a NOTICEable event
      Don't return an error to caller if we are out of lchan on CHAN RQD
      RSL: Change  "... is back in operation" to an INFO level message
      debug.c: use new libosmocore features to print and save log filter
      meas_pcap2db.c: Fix build without CDK
      Revert "debug.c: use new libosmocore features to print and save log filter"

Henning Heinold (1):
      systemd: use Wants for the dependency btw. osmo-bsc-mgcp and osmo-bsc

Holger Hans Peter Freyther (370):
      db: Link to the VTY library for the vty_config_unlock symbol
      bsc-ctrl: Fix a potential memory leak on failed verification
      nat: Fix authentication by-pass using shorter tokens
      sysmobts: Add the necessary data structure and init for the SAPI queue
      debian: Fix the installation of the sgsn example data
      nat: Address the FIXME and send the MDCX down to the BSC
      nat: Move all methods sending a response to the callagent to a single place
      nat: Make it possible to send MGCP messages through the IPA multiplex
      nat: We want the remote to respond to our DLCX request
      nat: Reword the log messages as this is normal operation
      nat: Do not allow the amount of pending responses to grow infinitely
      nat: Include the sccp_src_ref and sccp_dst_ref for this call
      nat: Name the variable more properly and begin with net.1.bsc.%d
      Merge commit 'zecke/mgcp-statistics'
      nat: Allow to daemonize the NAT process
      nat: Allow to re-write international numbers in the CC Setup messages
      debian: Begin the 0.13.0 series with a new changelog entry
      nat: Rename "struct sccp_connections" to "struct nat_sccp_connection"
      nat: Extract the LAC/CI from the Complete Layer3 Information
      ctrl: Make the commands static to not pollute the namespace
      ctrl: Provide a reply in case the range check failed
      nat: Add an example for a black list
      nat: Move the callstats to a new header file due sccp usage
      nat: Use memcmp for the token on the USSD interface as well
      smpp: Attempt to fix a memory leak of the msgb
      nat: Include LAC/CI as TV values at the end of the 'status' message
      sysmobts: Avoid a crash when trying to look-up a BTS
      sysmobts: Initialize the NM signal handler only once in a mixed network
      sysmobts: Make the nanoBTS NM code work for the sysmobts
      ipaccess: Remove the ipaccess_gsmnet and assume there is a bsc_gsmnet
      Merge branch 'zecke/features/sysmobts'
      channels: Mark channels as broken that time out on activation/release
      mgcp: Initialize the tone to CHAR_MAX as this might not be a request
      vty: Print the state of all GPRS OML objects in show bts
      smpp: Only write the systemd-id if it is not empty
      misc: Ignore compiled python code and another test case
      tests: Add a custom test runner to test the VTY functionality.
      nanobts: Do not crash on an invalid TRX number
      isdnsync: Remove a double close of the isdn device
      ipaccess-find: Address a warning by coverity of unitialized memory
      mgcp: Make sure the save pointer is initialized with NULL.
      nat: Fix compiler warning and cast uint16_t to uint8_t
      hsl: Remove the support for the HSL bts from OpenBSC
      sgsn: Fix logically dead code in regard to the osmo_fd_register
      sgsn_vty: Fix uninitialized variable in the gprs_apn2str method
      sgsn: Fix the unimplemented/uninstalled show ggsn command
      ipaccess-config: Fix a resource leak in an error path
      ipaccess-config: Add missing break to parsing the -L option
      nat: The second call didn't really add anything to the test.
      gsm_subscriber: Fix compiler warning of the printf string
      db: Fix an issue with the memset
      nitb: Add a missing NULL check for searching the subscriber
      nat: Please coverity and initialize the saveptr to NULL
      nat: Address coverity warning about uninitialized addr
      nat: number could point to an address on the stack that can be reused
      nat: The con variable is not assigned at this point
      mncc: Remove what we believe to be a tautology from the MNCC code
      nitb: The subscr->imsi is an array will never be NULL
      ipaccess: Fix a resource leak in case the stat is failing
      ipaccess: The proxy code checked the array but not the element
      smpp: Checking an array for NULL will always be false
      smpp: Fix possible NULL dereference of the emse->acl
      smpp: Add the classic check for osmo_fd_register
      smpp: Close the file descriptor when we can't accept the SMSC conn
      oml: Add a missing break switch for NM_OC_BS11
      misc: Fix compilation warnings
      smpp: Move the coding/mode detection into a utils file
      expiration: Print the "expire_lu" time in show subscriber
      expiration: Speculative fixes for the periodic expiring handling
      expiration: Allow to disable the periodic location updating procedure
      tests: TestCase.assertGreater is not available on Python 2.5
      gprs: Fix a typo in the comment
      gprs_sgsn: In case of a Activate PDP Context timeout we should free pdp
      gprs_llc: Lookup lle based on the real TLLI
      gprs_llc: Work on finding the right LLE/LLME in case of routing area update
      gprs_llc: Assert that we send frames with either tlli or old_tlli
      gprs_gmm: Avoid assertion in the sending code during routing area update
      nat: Add a no number-rewrite command and call it through a VTY test
      nat: Introduce a prefix lookup tree (trie) for number rewriting
      nat: Allow to use the prefix lookup to rewrite numbers
      nat: Fix some memory leaks in the testcases.
      nat: Implement a post-routing for the NAT software
      nat: Use the DCC region for number rewriting and increase debug output
      Merge branch 'zecke/features/big-rewrite'
      Merge branch 'laforge/smpp-fixes'
      nat: Misc changes spotted while going through the file with Jacob
      nat: Fix potential memory leak when reading a message
      nat: Add example bsc entry for pablo
      nanobts: Fix initialization of two concurrent BTS.
      bsc: Fix compiler warning about undeclare functions
      nat: Use bsc_nat_msc_is_connected instead of accessing it directly
      nat: Attempt to follow the MODULE_METHOD pattern for methods
      vty: Attempt to fix the build when SMPP is not enabled
      bsc_msc: Add a name field to the MSC Connection to differentiate links
      bsc_msc: Stop the re-connect timer in case the msc is lost
      nat: Fix the log message of the code in case of an allocation failure
      nat: Remember the original dest local reference in the parsed struct
      bsc_msc: Fix possible null pointer dereference
      vty: Cosmetic change to the writing of the bts->model
      nat: Fix make distcheck for the nat
      smpp: Fix the make distcheck for smpp
      osmo-bts: Kill the different ROLE_BSC as e1inp_sign_link is used now
      db: Remove the struct gsm_network from the database layer
      misc: Require libosmocore 0.6.4 and libosmogb 0.6.4
      gbproxy: Add a command to delete peers from the GBProxy
      bts: Add a flag to remember the kind of activation/release
      Revert "bsc/ussd: Send faked CM Service Accept before sending USSD"
      gbproxy: The "[stats]" option was not documented, document it
      shared: Introduce/Add procedure pending to the MO
      ipa: Explain that one needs to get the IP address of the BTS as argument
      rtp: Take the parameter from the arguments
      bsc: Use the right string for the notification
      bsc: Add a VTY command to show the paging group for a BSC/IMSI
      Merge branch 'jerlbeck/mgcp-cleanups'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'jerlbeck/features/rtp-header-patching'
      debian: Build debug packages for each of the target packages
      debian: Enable hardening for the OpenBSC packages
      mgcp: Address compiler error for sprintf misusage...
      build: Ignore file generated by automake
      smpp_mirror: Initialize rc when cmd_id is not DELIVER_SM
      subscriber: Address coverity warning and truncate the IMSI
      vty: Address coverity issue with subscr->name never being NULL
      ipa-proxy: Socket creation can fail, address coverity issue
      si: Make sure to not overwrite orig_arfcn_hi in the range encoding
      build: Remove bogus depends from ipaccess-config
      build: osmo-nitb does not use dlopen/dlsym remove LIBRARY_DL
      build: channel_test does not use dlopen/dlsym remove LIBRARY_DL dep
      build: db_test does not use dlopen/dlsym.. remove LIBRARY_DL from deps
      Merge branch 'jerlbeck/features/mgcp-get-info-from-sdp'
      ussd: Move to use gsm_7bit_encode_n_ussd for USSD encoding
      sms: Move to gsm_7bit_encode_n in the sms sending code
      gsm_04_11: Speculative fix for MT SMS and SAPI 'n Reject
      Revert "gsm_04_11: Speculative fix for MT SMS and SAPI 'n Reject"
      periodic/lu: Attempt to implicitly attach a subscriber instead of rejecting
      lu crash: Fix a crash that likely occurred during the LU procedure
      libmsc: Set the "trans->conn" to NULL to catch invalid usage
      bsc: Reduce the RLL timeout to be smaller than TC1/max_retr+1
      db: Avoid crash we have seen with the dbi code when reading a SMS
      sms: Fix crash on RLL Establish Request timeouts with active call
      mncc: Add the context we get from the MNCC interface
      smpp: In case we know the receiver set the context for logging
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/jerlbeck/features/range-encode'
      Merge branch 'jerlbeck/features/mgcp-rtp-keep-alive'
      nat: Introduce reject cause to bsc_nat_acc_lst_entry
      nat: Make the access-list deny cause configurable
      mgcp: Use the length modifier for the size_t in the printf
      mgcp: transit is a signed variable and should be printed like this
      mgcp: Round the frame time otherwise we have porting issues
      ctrl: Make the int range set, get and verify methods available
      ctrl: Make it possible to re-use the string get and set routine
      libbsc: Create the RF interface all the time
      bsc: rf_ctrl will always be created, remove the NULL checks
      tests: Remove unused file
      trau: Fix compiler warning about decoded_trau_frame
      sms: Increment the RP Message Reference for each transaction
      bsc: Add vty command to send location trap through VTY
      sms: Do not interfere with the SMS queue from within gsm_04_11
      sms: Address the TODO and schedule the next SMS for an active subscriber
      libbsc: Add ctrl command for MNC, MCC, short-name and long-name
      libbsc: Add ctrl command to apply the configuration
      libbsc: Add command to set MNC/MCC and apply it if something changed
      bsc: Include the MCC/MNC in the location trap
      nat: Implement setting the access-control-name through CTRL interface
      nat: Introduce command to remove an access-list-name
      nat: Add CTRL command test case for the new control commands
      Merge branch 'zecke/features/extended-control'
      nitb/smpp: Add simple test runner for the issues found by daniel
      Merge branch 'daniel/smpp-fixes'
      systemd: Remove the second occurance of Restart=always
      mgcp: The valid payload types start at 0. Fix the VTY
      Merge branch 'jolly/mncc'
      systemd: Saying these services restart once should be enough
      systemd: Add service for the osmo-sgsn
      nitb/ctrl: Add ctrl command to set the TRX max_power_reduction
      nitb/ctrl: Add command to add/modify a subscriber to the database
      nitb/ctrl: Implement creating and deleting subscribers
      nitb/ctrl: Implement a command to list all active subscribers
      ctrl: Move the lookup into a separate file in preparation for GPRS
      sgsn/ctrl: Add ctrl interface, implement listing subscribers
      ctrl/abis: When the max_power_reduction changes, send it to the BTS
      nat/debian: Create an init script for the nat application
      gbproxy/debian: Add a start script for the GBproxy
      nat: Mention the the BSC the SCCP connection was on
      abis: Check for failure of ftell
      msc: Name is never NULL use strlen to check if it is empty
      bsc/msc: Extension can never be NULL use strlen instead
      sgsn: Comparing array to NULL is not useful
      rsl: Add missing breaks in the code
      gprs: Reduce the number of compiler warnings in gprs_gmm.c
      gprs: Fix compiler warnings in gprs_sndcp.c
      gprs: Fix compiler warnings in the gprs_llc.c code
      gprs: Fix compiler warnings in sgsn_libgtp.c
      gprs: Fix compiler warnings ini gprs_sndcp_vty.c
      gprs: Fix compiler warnings in sgsn_main.c
      oml: Fix compiler warning about aliasing
      ipa: Fix compiler warnings about aliasing
      bsc: Timers are in seconds, clarify that in the online help
      gbproxy: Fix the start script for gbproxy
      ctrl: Extend the testcase for using '09' as numbers on the interface
      sms: Kill the sms->sender and use addr/ton/npi throughout the code
      db: Add testcase for storing/loading/comparing a sms
      sms: Add code to migrate the database to the new schema
      db: Add testcase for the db migration.
      Merge branch 'zecke/features/sms-db-changes'
      db: Fix fall-out with the subscriber removal in the subscriber deletion code
      db: Fix next fall-out with make distcheck
      nat/bsc: Check proto before calling ipaccess_rcvmsg_base
      misc: Use the right mailinglist address for OpenBSC
      ctrl: Introduce a macro for read-only attributes and use it
      ctrl: Remove the param parameter as it was never used/implemented
      ctrl: Reduce code duplication and add a define to create the struct
      mgcp: Remove excessive logging for each frame
      mgcp: Add proper length checking for line handling
      osmux: Fix potential memory leak in the msgb handling
      rsl: Remove obsolete FIXME comment.
      mgcp: Use #pragma once instead of a possible clashing #ifdef
      channel_test: Return a positive number to claim it was paged
      mgcp: Address scanf issue already found by cppcheck and now ASAN
      bsc: Introduce a local notification scheme for the CTRL interface
      lchan: Speculative "fix" for error and late reply
      rsl: Avoid double channel release procedure in error conditions
      rsl: Check if the channel is active and then start the channel release
      Merge branch 'hfreyther/fixes/channel-release-handling'
      osmux: Fix the VTY online help in the osmux command
      bsc: Do not use strdup on argv parameter
      proxy: Annotate the switch/case/fall through
      mgcp: Allow to batch more than four messages
      nitb: Only print channel activations once in show statistics
      db: Use ulonglong to access the database for sqlite3
      gbproxy_test: Simplify the test setup by sharing code
      gbproxy_test: Reset the gbproxy before we reset GPRS NS
      nat: Fix the documentation issue with the osmux command
      rtp: Share the rtp header between the proxy and the mgcp code
      mgcp: Fix documentation issue in the force-ptime command
      mgcp: Verify that the force-ptime is written back to the file
      mgcp: Ignore the transcoding test
      gbproxy_test: Provide enough disabled categories to please valgrind
      osmux: Remove extra newline from the osmux log message
      bsc: Use the word core network and not backbone.
      osmux: Make sure to always use the right dummy sending method
      osmux: Be accurate. The label has been already created
      osmux: Mention where the data was coming from
      osmux: Now that we have IPv4/port we might want to consider to expire handles
      bsc: Implement a way to relay a message to the remote MSC
      gbproxy: Fix the NAME in the start script...
      smpp: Fix small typo in the comment
      trau_mux.c: Prevent out-of-bounds read in trau_decode_fr()
      mgcp: Fix memory leak in the transcoding code
      mgcp: Provide more information about configured endpoints
      mgcp: Mention the packet duration in the error message
      mgcp: Warn when the buffer is being reset due a wrong seq number
      mgcp: Re-factor testcase to separate test and setup
      mgcp: Do not use errx as finding a test failure is too hard
      mgcp: Capture the return value of the of the transcode function
      mgcp: Make the internal state of the transcoder accessible
      Merge branch 'zecke/fixes/mgcp-transociding-tests'
      mgcp: Add a comment about the return of the function
      mgcp: Patch and Count _after_ the transcoding
      mgcp: Fix/test reading/writing the sequence number
      mgcp: Document transcoding semantic and follow it
      mgcp: Initialise next_time in case the initial timestamp is not 0.
      mgcp: Add a testcase for 160->80 ptime handling
      mgcp: Fix/test the case of a time jump and the resync
      Merge commit 'zecke/fixes/mgcp-transcoding'
      mgcp: Change API to remove memory management from the name
      osmux: Using the "CI" and calling it "CID" is plain wrong
      osmux: Send the CI as part of the dummy to help to identify a client
      osmux: Extract the dummy message, find the endpoint and set rtp port
      osmux: Qualify the handle by IPv4 address _and_ port
      osmux: Drop the message in case we don't know the remote yet.
      Merge branch 'zecke/fixes/osmux-nat'
      bts: Remember the last AMR mode that we received
      trau: Cast to remove compiler warning
      openbsc: Add new fields for the osmo-bts software
      gbproxy: Move the VTY code into the vty file and create public API
      gbproxy: Correct the method name. We work on TLLIs
      gbproxy: Remove the global rate counter and place it in the config
      gbproxy: Have a clear namespace for the public functions
      gbproxy: The dump routines are only used by the test, move it there
      gbproxy: Use gbproxy_ for all structures
      gprs: Create a gprs_utils file and move to be shared code in there
      gbproxy: Use gbprox_delete_tlli if possible
      gprs: Add testcases for the APN string/octet conversion and fix it
      gprs: The methods moved to gprs_utils.h remove them here
      gbproxy: Remove global state from the gbproxy
      gbproxy: Add a hint to the compiler that all parameters are not NULL
      gbproxy: Kill the global gbprox_global_patch_state struct
      gbproxy/test: Test TLLI expiry
      sgsn: Make P-TMSI a local TLLI to avoid clash
      ctrl: Allow the value to contain spaces. No need to split the string
      bsc: Add a ctrl command to send a ussdNotify for a call
      sysmobts: Add variable for N(S) + 1 needed for the sysmobts
      misc: Introduce a more neutral configure option for CTRL/VTY
      Merge Jacob's GPRS GB Proxy related configs
      gprs: Link gbproxy to -lrt for clock_gettime
      gprs: Attempt to fix distcheck by adding the header file
      gprs: Document the stale option in delete-gbproxy-tlli
      nat: Fix compiler warning about unknown prototype
      nat: Remove the entry from the list before we destroy it
      nat: Introduce a config free for the test and fix valgrind issues
      mgcp: Use the rtp_hdr structure and extract ts/seq from there
      mgcp: Move the "codec" params to a struct
      mgcp: Group codec reset and put it to a separate method.
      mgcp: Store one more codec/payload type if it is present
      mgcp: Deal with receiving another payload type
      Merge branch 'zecke/features/dynamic-codec-switch'
      mgcp: Use l16 in the test
      mgcp: Re-load the state after the transcoding change
      bsc: Add a "IPA PING" to the SCCP CR messages
      nitb: Don't mention the broken PCAP generation option
      bsc: Let the VTY verify that the timeout is a number
      mgcp: We only look at the RTP header use that in the comment
      mgcp: Move Annex A counting out of patch/count method
      mgcp: Do not detect the initial package as a wrap around
      mgcp: Count the incoming data instead of the modified one
      sgsn: Add boilerplate code for a SGSN test
      sgsn: Create testcase that verifies that llmes get deleted
      sgsn: Add test that exposes a dangling pointer to the LLME
      sgsn: Prevent memory leak and double free
      gprs: Fix typo in the comment
      bsc: Allow to disable sending ping/pong to the MSC
      ipa: Correct the prototype of these functions
      bts: Fail OML in case the channel combination is wrong
      bts: Allow to set the LAC through the CTRL interface
      mgcp: Allow to omit sending the audio name at all
      mgcp/sdp: Session name must not be empty pick an empty one
      bsc: Allow to apply configuration for an individual BTS
      bsc: Allow to set the call-identity
      bts: Store the bcch_change_mark in the bts structure
      bsc: Allow to generate new system information online
      bsc: Add ctrl command to set the TRX ARFCN
      ctrl: Add command to get the current load of a BTS
      ctrl: Allow to query if the OML link is connected or not
      nat: Fix copy and paste in the test code
      bts: Remove unused fields from the trx structure
      bts: Add some simple dependency between different BTS
      bts: When one link drops.. check what needs to be dropped
      ho: Make sure the timer is always stopped
      ho: Copy the multirate config to the new lchan
      db: Extend the test to mark a SMS as delivered and verify it
      rtp: Remove the "correction" of timestamps
      smscb: Prepare to fill in the info for CBCH in SI4
      Partial revert "Fix most compiler warnings with gcc-4.9.2"
      misc: Ignore new binaries
      lchan: Remember why a channel is broken using static strings
      logging: Set the context for paging requests as well.
      logging: Only compare the subscr address
      meas: Unbreak the build once more
      gprs: Remove now unused authenticate flag
      mgcp: Honor the rtp IP_TOS settings for Osmux
      osmux: Initialize the socket only once
      sgsn: Remove MM from the list before gprs_subscr_delete is called
      sgsn: Remove the "permanent" subscriber cache
      gb_proxy: No need to copy optarg
      nitb: Allow the network to decide if a subscriber should be created
      nitb: Make the last change configurable
      meas: Add VTY documentation for the measurement commands
      meas: Install the scenario command and test it
      rsl: Remove unused code for channel activation
      ctrl/bsc: Fix copy and paste error and update text
      bsc/nitb: Allow to set the GPRS mode through the ctrl command
      osmo-bts: Introduce new struct for a power loop in the BTS code
      sgsn: Add easy APN commands with just the name
      smpp: Do not check conn for being null
      nat: getopt returns "static" data no need to copy it
      smpp: Fix potential crash in handling submitSM
      nitb: Move the rf-lock commands from osmo-bsc to libbsc
      ctrl: Add a command to check how many bts are configured
      ctrl: Implement a global result for rf_locked

Ivan Kluchnikov (1):
      bsc: Add vty command for setting Access control classes.

Jacob Erlbeck (404):
      nat/ussd: Add 'show ussd-connection' vty command
      bsc/ussd: Optionally send USSD message on MSC disconnection
      bsc/vty: Add 'no bsc-welcome-text' command
      vty: Fix BSC_NODE prompt string
      vty: Add test to check vty node hierarchy and related commands
      vty: Generalize ournode_exit() and ournode_end()
      vty: Use generic 'end' and 'exit' commands
      vty: Rename 'mgcp-through-msc-ipa' command to 'use-msc-ipa-for-mgcp'
      ussd: Send USSD on call setup on MSC errors
      vty: Hide unconfigured BTS on 'write'
      ctrl: Remember last 'rf_locked' control command
      ctrl: Add test script for the BSC control interface
      ctrl: Set a generic reply when it hasn'n been set
      bsc/mminfo: Patch timezone and DST in MM Info messages
      bsc: Add control command to set timezone
      gbproxy: Add test program to test gbproxy message handling
      gbproxy: Replace NS-VC references by NSEI
      gbproxy: Extended test program to simulate SGSN, too
      gbproxy: Fix warning and log message
      gbproxy: Add global and per peer counters
      gbproxy: Test invalid BVCI from SGSN
      gbproxy: Reject SGSN UNITDATA messages with an invalid BVCI
      vty: Fix whitespace in test script
      gbproxy: Add basic VTY tests
      gbproxy: Fix rate counter group leak in peer_free()
      gbproxy/vty: Enhance delete-gbproxy-peer command
      gbproxy: Add test for NSEI and NSVCI changes
      gbproxy: Fix handling of NSEI changes
      vty: Use vty_install_default() instead of bsc_install_default()
      vty: Enable the end/exit test for libosmocore nodes
      bsc/ussd: Send faked CM Service Accept before sending USSD
      bsc: Move gsm48_tx_mm_serv_ack/rej to gsm_04_08_utils.c
      bsc/ussd: Send faked CM Service Accept before sending USSD
      bsc/ussd: Rename bsc_send_ussd_notification()
      rtp: Fixed size check in padded RTP packets
      mgcp/rtp: Add counter for invalid RTP timestamp deltas
      mgcp/rtp: Add test case for RTP timestamp patching and stats
      mgcp/rtp: Fix timestamp offset when patching RTP packets
      mgcp: Rename for_each_line to for_each_non_empty_line
      mgcp: Add new for_each_line macro that also returns empty lines
      mgcp: Add tests for payload types in MGCP messages
      mgcp: Refactor MGCP/SDP parsing
      mgcp: NUL-terminate MGCP message
      mgcp/nat: Take payload type from SDP data
      mgcp: Handle SDP in CRCX received by the MGW
      mgcp/rtp: Add more test cases for RTP header patching
      mgcp/rtp: Fix output timing error counter
      mgcp/rtp: Add RTP header patch mode configuration
      mgcp/rtp: Change the log message shown when the SSRC changes
      mgcp/rtp: Only update RTP header field offsets if enabled
      mgcp/rtp: Compute default packet duration at state initialisiation
      mgcp/rtp: Use SSRC in proper byte ordering
      mgcp/rtp: Only patch SSRC once after MDCX if enabled
      mgcp/rtp: Fix RTP timestamps if enabled
      mgcp/rtp: Refactored packet_duration computation
      contrib/rtp: Enhance RTP replay tool
      contrib/rtp: Add tool to create RTP state files
      mgcp/rtp: Refactor timestamp offset calculation into own function
      mgcp/test: Output the packet duration after MGCP parsing
      mgcp: Put local connection options into a struct
      mgcp: Parse SDP to get rate and packet duration
      mgcp: Optionally send ptime in SDP
      contrib/rtp: Fix default payload case
      mgcp/test: Add test cases for constant RTP sequence number
      mgcp/test: Use differential output for counters and timestamp
      mgcp/rtp: Only patch timestamp alignment errors
      nitb: Set the DST field in generated MM info messages
      si: Add a config option to disable SI2ter/SI2bis/SI5ter/SI5bis messages
      si/test: Add tests for range encoding/decoding
      si/test: Merge si tests into gsm48 tests
      si: Fix range512 encoding
      si: Fix range1024 encoding
      si: Add generic range w(k) encoder
      si: Implement range 128, 256, 1024 encoding
      mgcp/rtp: Refactor mgcp_send to avoid code duplication
      mgcp/rtp: Add flag to disable RTP output
      mgcp/test: Test the connection mode parser
      mgcp/test: Reset pkt_period_* after each test
      mgcp/test: Show the number of dummy packets sent
      mgcp: Set output_enabled flags based on the MGCP mode
      mgcp/rtp: Make offset computation understandable
      mgcp/rtp: Send dummy packet to the RTCP destination, too
      mgcp: Send RTP keepalive dummy packets to net
      openbsc: Fix coverity issues
      mgcp: Disable output enabled on initialisation
      mgcp: Synchronize conn mode bits and output enabled flags
      mgcp/test: Don't reset conn_mode between messages
      sms/dtap: Add log messages to analyse SMS message loss
      mgcp/test: Only include conn_mode into test output
      mgcp/test: Fake wallclock for RTP timing/stats tests
      mgcp/rtp: Fix transit computation units
      mgcp/rtp: Compute delta timestamp based on wallclock
      mgcp/rtp: Base jitter calculation on input timestamps
      ipa: Use enhanced ipa_msg_recv_buffered() to cope with partioned IPA messages
      ipa: Be consistent in checking conn->cfg (Coverity)
      contrib/rtp: Use payload data files directly by gen_rtp_header
      ctrl: Fix handling of missing replies
      gprs/test: Use valid MCC/MNC for BVC RESET
      gprs: Separate LLC parsing from LLC state handling
      mgcp: Add callbacks for payload processing
      mgcp: Add audio info fields to struct mgcp_rtp_end
      mgcp: Add a function to get media info for MGCP responses
      mgcp: Only include SDP lines with valid content
      mgcp: Add RTP audio transcoding
      mgcp: Add CLI tool to test audio conversion
      mgcp: Add packet size (ptime) conversion
      mgcp: Extend the CLI transcoding tool by ptime conversion
      mgcp/test: Add test cases for transcoding and repacking
      mgcp: Move transcoding to libmgcp
      mgcp: Set net_end audio params in recvonly mode
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/jerlbeck/features/mgcp-transcoding'
      mgcp/test: Add test case using the fmtp_extra info
      mgcp: Fix SDP formatting of fmtp_extra (Coverity)
      gprs: Use area terms LAI/RAI as defined in GSM 03.03
      gprs/test: Remove verbose parameter of gbprox_dump_* functions
      gprs/test: Add connect_sgsn() function
      gprs/test: Add additional gbproxy tests
      gprs/test: Increase stderr log level
      gprs/test: Make test output more readable
      gprs: Use imsi field instead of imei
      gprs: Implement BSSGP MCC/MNC patching
      gprs: Add MCC/MNC patch support for LLC/GMM messages
      gprs: Add APN patch support for LLC/GSM messages
      gprs/test: Added GMM Info and fixed TLLI
      gprs/test: Add Detach messages to test
      gprs: Store gbproxy patching state per peer
      gprs: Track IMSI/TLLI to control APN patching
      gprs/vty: Add commands to manage the TLLI list
      gprs: Add counters related to LLC layer patching
      gprs/test: Rearrange for PTMSI parsing
      gprs: Fix TLLI cache size computation
      gprs: Add TLV parse functions
      gprs: Use shift functions instead of manual parsing
      gprs: Use struct to pass context information
      gprs: Parse PTMSI and update TLLI accordingly
      gprs: Move LLC IE length fix to BSSGP level
      gbproxy: Remove broken TLLI comparison
      gprs: Refactor gbprox_register_tlli()
      gbproxy: Track all TLLIs (not only LOCAL)
      gbproxy/test: Fix BSSGP RESET message size
      gbproxy: Move patching code out of the 04.08 specific functions
      gbproxy: Unify TLLI tracking
      gbproxy: Separate BSSGP parsing from patching
      gbproxy: Parse additional IMSI/PTMSI/TLLI fields
      gbproxy: Explicitly convert PTMSI to TLLI
      gbproxy: Make pointers to MI const in parse/check functions
      gbproxy: Track TLLI even when the IMSI is not known
      gbproxy: Test and fix IMSI/TMSI matching
      gbproxy: Refactor gbproxy_patch_bssgp_message
      gbproxy: Move parse_ctx logging into separate function
      gbproxy: Don't remove stale TLLI automatically
      gbproxy: Don't call time() in TLLI related functions
      gbproxy/test: More TLLI expiry testing
      gbproxy: Optimize gbprox_remove_stale_tllis
      gbproxy: Pass tlli_info around
      gbproxy: Fix warnings (signed/unsigned)
      gbproxy: Add gbprox_clear_patch_filter() (Coverity)
      gbproxy: Parse Detach Request messages
      gbproxy: Update enable_patching flag on existing tlli_info
      gbproxy: Handle old and new P-TMSI/TLLI
      gbproxy/test: Fix BSSGP/LLC test messages
      gbproxy/test: Generate BSSGP and LLC layer for DTAP messages
      gbproxy: Track SGSN and BSS TLLI/PTMSI separately
      gbproxy: Add 'patch-ptmsi' command to enable TLLI/P-TMSI patching
      gbproxy: Refactor gbprox_get_detached_tlli_info
      gbproxy: Refactor gbprox_patch_raid(), use different RAI types properly
      gbproxy: Also handle LLC non UI and LL11 messages
      gbproxy: Fix TLLI state handling
      gbproxy: Patch TLLI/P-TMSI
      gbproxy: Add context info to log messages
      gbproxy: Use different TLLI/P-TMSI for BSS and SGSN
      gbproxy/test: Add test for TLLI patching
      gbproxy: Refactor gb_proxy.c into several files
      gbproxy: Move peer definitions to gb_proxy_peer.c
      gbproxy: Fix issues found by Coverity
      gbproxy: Remove nonnull attributes
      gbproxy: Move PTP message handling into separate functions
      gbproxy/test: Test patching BSSGP SUSPEND/LLC-DISCARDED
      gbproxy: Create STATUS message with original PDU
      gbproxy/test: Add a test for IMSI acquisition
      gbproxy: Implement IMSI acquisition
      gbproxy: Fix warnings
      gbproxy: Add missing gbprox_process_bssgp_ul() return check
      gbproxy: Support a secondary SGSN
      gbproxy/test: Add test case for secondary SGSN
      gbproxy: Use secondary SGSN if IMSI matches
      gbproxy: Copy uplink messages to SGSN 2
      gbproxy: Add missing commands to VTY write
      gbproxy/test: Check APN patching while P-TMSI patching is enabled
      gbproxy: Check tlli_info when patching, fix APN patching
      gbproxy: Make STATUS messages spec compliant
      gbproxy: Forward SGSN originated STATUS messages with BVCI
      gbproxy: Show number of stored messages in VTY show
      gbproxy: Reorganize VTY commands
      gbproxy/test: Extend P-TMSI patch test by a sequence of RA UDP REQ
      gbproxy: Change creation of tlli_info for SGSN originated messages
      gbproxy: Fix P-TMSI reassignment
      gbproxy/test: Add test cases for IMSI acquisition
      gbproxy: Reset IMSI acquisition and free stored messages in tlli_info
      gbproxy/test: Add assertions, improve test coverage
      gbproxy: Remove patch_mode, update initial checks
      gbproxy: Refactor gbprox_process_bssgp_ul into smaller functions
      gbproxy: Rework gbproxy_imsi_acquisition
      gbproxy: Replace 'mi_data' by 'imsi'
      gbproxy/test: Add/modify test cases
      gbproxy: Fixed RAI patching in Attach Request messages
      gbproxy: Send DETACH_ACC if the IMSI has not been acquired
      gbproxy: Remove gbproxy_register_tlli
      gbproxy/test: Add test case for tlli_info persistence
      gbproxy: Only patch what has been configured
      gbproxy: Keep tlli_info after detach
      gbproxy: Avoid multiple tlli_info entries with the same IMSI
      gbproxy: Replace LOGP by LOGPC for continued lines
      gbproxy: Delete and show detached entries via VTY
      gbproxy: Parse RA_UPD_REJ and invalidate TLLI
      gbproxy/test: Add test case for P-TMSI assigment
      gbproxy: Check other tlli_infos for matching TLLI/P-TMSI
      gbproxy/test: Fix Identification Response
      gbproxy/test: Add a test with a P-TMSI collision between two SGSNs
      gbproxy: Separate SGSN numeric namespaces
      sgsn: Reset local LLC parameters when sending XID reset
      sgsn: Free MM context after receiving a Detach Request
      gbproxy/test: Test IMSI acquisition for RA UDP REQ
      gbproxy: Restart IMSI acquisition on RA UDP REQ
      gbproxy/sgsn: Enforce termination when creating a P-TMSI/TLLI
      gbproxy: Rename identifiers related to IMSI matching
      gbproxy: Remove sgsn_nsei parameter
      gbproxy: Rename functions related to tlli_info
      gbproxy: Use the term 'link' instead of 'tlli'
      gbproxy: Rename the field 'enabled_tllis' to 'logical_links'
      gbproxy: Replace 'tlli' by 'link' in VTY commands
      gbproxy: Only search by valid identifiers
      gbproxy: Use monotonic system time instead of time-of-day
      gbproxy/test: Fix time calculation in test_gbproxy_tlli_expire()
      gbproxy/test: Fix IMSI length check (Coverity)
      gbproxy/test: Add invalidation tests to test_gbproxy_keep_info()
      gbproxy: Parse Attach Reject messages
      gbproxy: Reset IMSI acquisition within gbproxy_unregister_link_info
      gbproxy: Refactor local message generation
      gprs: Fix gprs_msgb_copy pointer computation
      gbproxy/test: Save and check received messages
      gbproxy/test: Add expect_msg checks to test_gbproxy_ra_patching
      gbproxy: Refactor IMSI matching
      gbproxy: Cleanup match config after tests
      gbproxy: Extend the match-imsi VTY command to support categories
      gbproxy: Use a separate regexp for routing
      gbproxy: Fix parser to accept GSM 24.008 Attach Req messages
      gbproxy: Replace ';;' by ';'
      gbproxy: Send STATUS(BVCI unknown) to BSS on unknown PTP BVCI
      gbproxy: Use pointer to PTMSI value instead of MI
      gbproxy: Refuse to configure conflicting NSEIs
      gbproxy: Add gprs_gb_message_name function
      gbproxy: Pass the log level as argument to gprs_gb_log_parse_context
      gbproxy: Log more information on parse errors
      gbproxy: Discard UL PTP messages with an unknown BVCI
      gbproxy/test: Don't assign a variable within OSMO_ASSERT (Coverity)
      gbproxy: Fix segfault for VTY delete-gbproxy-link
      sgsn: Cancel pending timer in sgsn_mm_ctx_free
      sgsn: Delete PDP contexts properly
      sgsn: Send detach(re-attach) instead of gmm status if TLLI unknown
      gbproxy/test: Add expect_msg checks to test_gbproxy_keep_info
      gbproxy/test: Add test case for repeated and otherwise bad messages
      gbproxy: Fix P-TMSI generation for repeated Attach Accept messages
      gbproxy: Patch BSSGP P-TMSI in PAGING PS messages
      sgsn: Avoid duplicated Attach Accept messages
      sgsn: Moved IMSI ACL management to sgsn_auth.c
      sgsn/test: Move MM context allocation into separate function
      sgsn/test: Add test case for Detach Request (MO, power-off = 1)
      sgsn: Only send Detach Accept (MO) if power_off isn't set
      sgsn: Handle Detach Requests even when there is no mmctx
      nitb/ctrl: Fix access to freed memory in verify_subscriber_modify
      sgsn: Remove unused static functions from gprs_gmm.c
      sgsn: Unassign the LLME after GMM Status without mmctx
      gbproxy: Fixed VTY doc for delete-gbproxy-link
      gbproxy/test: Extend test_gbproxy_keep_info
      bsc: Fix use-after-free on OML NM messages from the BTS
      gbproxy: Honour the BSS TLLI type when creating an SGSN TLLI
      sgsn/test: Move message sending to send_0408_message
      sgsn/test: Add test_gmm_attach
      bsc: Move gsm_network_init function to libbsc
      bsc: Move gsm_subscriber_base.c to libcommon
      sgsn: Reorganize and fix gsm48_gmm_authorize
      sgsn: Cleanup GMM state transitions
      sgsn: Call mm_ctx_cleanup_free to deregister MM context
      sgsn: Split gsm0408_gprs_force_reattach into 2 functions
      sgsn: Fix LLME leak when forcing a reattach
      sgsn: Move IMSI authorization to gsm48_gmm_authorize
      sgsn: Make authorization asynchronous
      sgsn/test: Add VTY tests for the SGSN
      sgsn: Add 'acl-only' authentication policy
      sgsn: Cleanup after RA Update Reject / Attach Reject
      sgsn: Don't send XID reset after Detach Accept
      sgsn: Don't assign a new P-TMSI if one is pending
      sgsn: Refactor sgsn_auth to separate request and authorization
      sgsn: Remove explicit sgsn_instance parameters
      sgsn: Cross-link gsm_subscriber and sgsn_mm_ctx
      gbproxy: Reset TLLIs when the link_info is found by IMSI/P-TMSI
      sgsn/test: Don't rely on the actual PRNG sequence
      sgsn/test: Add test case for unexpected Detach Accepts
      msc: Add net back pointer to gsm_trans
      msc: Don't use the subscriber to access the net object
      msc: Add and use gsm_subscriber_group
      bsc/test: Add tests for gsm_subscriber base
      sgsn: Fix and enable auth/ciph message generation
      sgsn: Change Auth&Ciph timer handling
      sgsn: Do authentication based on SRES values
      msc: Add net parameter to trans_alloc
      sgsn: Remove warnings
      msc: Add per subscriber keep_in_ram flag
      sgsn: Add gprs_subscriber.c
      sgsn: Integrate subscriber handling into the SGSN
      sgsn: Add gsm0408_gprs_access_cancelled
      sgsn: Add VTY commands to manage subscriber cache
      sgsn: Put SGSN related subscriber data into separate struct
      sgsn: Do not 'commit' implicitely when executing 'insert'
      sgsn: Integrate Auth & Ciph into gsm48_gmm_authorize
      sgsn: Support subscriber based authentication
      sgsn: Add missing LF in log message
      gprs: Move TLV parser functions to gprs_utils.c and rename them
      gprs: Add gprs_shift_tlv function
      openbsc: Ignore generated coverage analysis files
      sgsn: Log requested state change in sgsn_auth_update
      sgsn: Be more tolerant with state and SUSPEND/RESUME
      sgsn: Add support for authentication triplets
      sgsn: Add a subscriber based authentication phase
      sgsn: Fix VTY command error handling (Coverity)
      sgsn/doc: Add protocol specification for remote subscriber update
      sgsn/doc: Add IPA default parameters
      gprs: Add encoder/decoder for the Subscriber Update Protocol
      gprs: Add subscriber functions to create/handle GSUP messages
      sgsn/test: Add checks and reports to detect msgb leakage
      sgsn/test: Fix msgb freeing in mocked bssgp_tx_dl_ud
      gprs/test: Add tests for invalid GSUP messages
      gprs: Handle empty GSUP messages correctly
      gprs: Always reset auth tuples/pdp infos in gprs_gsup_decode
      gprs: Clear GSUP message structures before decoding
      gprs: Add GSUP client
      sgsn: Integrate the GSUP client into the SGSN
      sgsn: Replace subscr.authenticate by global require_authentication flag
      sgsn: Add global require_update_location flag
      sgsn/test: Add wrapper for gprs_subscr_rx_gsup_message
      sgsn/test: Add GMM test for a GSUP based attach procedure
      sgsn/test: Extend tests to simulate lost GSUP requests
      gprs: Add automatic re-connect if the GSUP connection is down
      gprs: Avoid sending stale GSUP requests after reconnect
      gprs: Handle return code of ipa_client_conn_open correctly
      gprs: Handle incoming IPA CCM message in gsup_client_read_cb
      gprs: Send PING and eventually reconnect
      sgsn: Show GSUP client info on 'show sgsn'
      gprs: Move protocol value_strings to gsm_04_08_gprs.c
      sgsn: Pass subscriber error causes to the GMM layer
      gprs: Use the cause value in  GSUP error messages
      gprs: Let GSUP parser functions return GMM causes on errors
      gprs: Add LOGGSUBSCRP macro to log subscriber info
      gprs: Use LOGGSUBSCRP and LOGMMCTX for logging in gprs_susbcriber.c
      gprs: Pass GMM causes related to the MSC connection
      gprs/test: Move subscr cleanup code into a separate function
      sgsn/test: Fix subscriber cleanup
      sgsn/test: Refactor subscriber test
      gprs: Add expiry timeout for subscriber entries
      sgsn/test: Add test that intercepts gprs_gsup_client_send
      sgsn/test: Add checks and reports to detect subscr leakage
      sgsn/doc: Add message definitions for PURGE_MS responses
      gprs: Implement PURGE_MS GSUP messages
      gprs: Use PURGE MS messages
      gprs: Retry PURGE_MS procedure after timeout
      gprs: Block other GSUP procedures during PURGE_MS
      gprs: Add replies for all GSUP requests
      gprs: Don't create a subscr entry on InsertSubscriberData
      gprs: Support the full cancellation procedure
      sgsn: Fix P-TMSI generator's distance of equal values
      sgsn/test: Make assert_substr safer (Coverity)
      sgsn: Fix access to subscr in sgsn_auth_update (Coverity)
      sgsn: Add SGSN_ERROR_CAUSE_NONE and use it instead of 0
      sgsn: Fix vty_out newlines
      sgsn: Restructure the 'update-subscriber' command
      debian: Fix dependencies
      gprs: Return 0 from gsup_client_connect if ok or retry timer enabled
      gprs: Add GPRS timer conversion functions
      gprs: Add 'Negotiated READY timer value' IE to Attach/RAU Accept
      gprs: Use a macro value to set the 'Periodic RA update timer'
      sgsn: Remove inactive LLME/MM after inactivity timeout
      gprs: Do not put the subscr in gprs_subscr_delete
      sgsn: Ensure 0-terminated imsi strings (Coverity)
      gprs: Don't check for EINPROGRESS in gprs_gsup_client_create
      gprs: Rename gprs_subscr_delete to gprs_subscr_cleanup
      sgsn: Don't reset mm->subscr manually in sgsn_mm_ctx_free
      gbproxy: Remove dummy definition of subscr_put
      sgsn: Don't allow mmctx == NULL in sgsn_update_subscriber_data
      sgsn: Add sgsn_mm_ctx_cleanup_free for safe shutdown
      gprs: Don't use subscr->keep_in_ram in normal operation
      gprs: Handle PURGE MS ERR/RES without subscr
      gprs: Support cancellation type
      gprs: Send GSUP error reply for requests without IMSI
      sgsn/test: Add tests for PurgeMs responses
      gprs/test: Fix GSUP Purge MS response messages
      gprs: Use 'Network failure' as default cause
      sgsn/test: Add checks for subscr->error_cause
      sgsn/test: Fix memory leak in test_subscriber_gsup
      sgsn: Add PDP info to subscriber data
      sgsn: Add functions to handle APN contexts
      sgsn: Add sgsn_ggsn_ctx_free function
      sgsn: Select GGSN based on APN
      Revert "gprs: Block other GSUP procedures during PURGE_MS"

Katerina Barone-Adesi (1):
      Introduced support for external python tests

Kevin Redon (1):
      db: Fetch the authorized key using ulonglong

Max (1):
      Fix some packaging mistakes detected by lintian.

Nikola (2):
      freebsd: dlopen/dlsym/dlerror is part of libc, use LIBRARY_DL for linking
      trau: Fix linking on FreeBSD by using LIBRAY_DL

Nikola Kolev (2):
      bsc: Fix compilation on FreeBSD
      ipa: Fix the compilation of ipaccess-find on FreeBSD

Pablo Neira Ayuso (32):
      nat: fix use after free in forward_sccp_to_bts
      libmgcp: add enum mgcp_type and use it
      libmgcp: add mgcp prefix to functions and constants
      libmgcp: attach mgcp_ prefix to udp_send
      libmgcp: add enum mgcp_role
      mgcp: add voice muxer support
      osmux: encapsulate for osmux state information in struct mgcp_endpoint
      osmux: split osmux_handle_lookup() in several functions
      osmux: move osmux socket initialization out of osmux_enable_endpoint()
      osmux: add osmux circuit ID management and resolve NAT problems
      osmux: cleanup osmux input handle on release
      osmux: remove redundant log message when bsc doesn't want to use Osmux
      osmux: remove spamming log message
      osmux: fix error path in osmux_handle_dummy()
      osmux: display statistics once osmux input handle is released
      osmux: allow to specify the Osmux port
      osmux: print out 'osmux port' when saving configuration
      osmux: use osmux port when specified from vty from engine
      osmux: remove spamming debug log messages
      osmux: rename osmux.c to mgcp_osmux.c
      osmux: fix access to uninitialized memory area in scheduled_tx_*_cb
      osmux: fix leak in osmux_deliver()
      osmux: fix unchecked return value in mgcp_parse_osmux_cid()
      tests: bsc-nat: fix bsc_mgcp_rewrite() with osmux
      osmux: set default port from mgcp_parse_config()
      osmux: add 'osmux batch-size NUM' option to mgcp vty
      osmux: initialize osmux_batch_size in mgcp config
      configure: fix unrecognized option --enable-external-tests
      osmux: save specific osmux configuration options if osmux is enabled
      osmux: osmux batch-factor can't be higher than 8
      osmux: account extracted traffic from the osmux batch
      osmux: send osmux stats in MGCP DLCX responses

Ruben Pollan (1):
      nitb: Add subscriber delete command

Sipos Csaba (1):
      nokia: Allow to set the reset time for the nokia bts

Tobias Engel (1):
      ussd: Reject and release unhandled SS requests/interrogation

Álvaro Neira Ayuso (1):
      openbsc/gsm_data_shared.h: Added the attribute reduce_power in TRX


The OpenBSC GSM Base Station Controller (+MSC/HLR/SGSN)

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