OsmoBSC(config-net-bts) cell reselection parameters dont show up after set up

Mario Lucas mariolucas75 at mail.ru
Mon Dec 14 20:11:43 UTC 2020

Dear Team please help me with the following question:
I want to set up following parameters in osmobsc config:
cell bar quality
cell reselection offset
temporary offset
penalty time
cell reselection hysterisis
These parameter play role when a MS should reselect another cell.
These parameters do appear in OsmoBSC(config-net-bts) and i do set up them.
But when i run «show running-config» only hysterisis is present… the rest have gone …. also gsmtap from wireshark does not show the rest of parameters.
Pls help if you can ….
Pls find the log from OsmoBSC(config-net-bts)# show running-config:
OsmoBSC(config-net-bts)# show running-config
Current configuration:
log stderr
 logging filter all 1
 logging color 0
 logging print category-hex 1
 logging print category 0
 logging timestamp 0
 logging print file 1
 logging level rll notice
 logging level mm notice
 logging level rr notice
 logging level rsl notice
 logging level nm info
 logging level pag notice
 logging level meas notice
 logging level msc notice
 logging level ho notice
 logging level hodec notice
 logging level ref notice
 logging level nat notice
 logging level ctrl notice
 logging level filter debug
 logging level pcu debug
 logging level lcls notice
 logging level chan notice
 logging level ts notice
 logging level as notice
 logging level cbs notice
 logging level lglobal notice
 logging level llapd notice
 logging level linp notice
 logging level lmux notice
 logging level lmi notice
 logging level lmib notice
 logging level lsms notice
 logging level lctrl notice
 logging level lgtp notice
 logging level lstats notice
 logging level lgsup notice
 logging level loap notice
 logging level lss7 notice
 logging level lsccp notice
 logging level lsua notice
 logging level lm3ua notice
 logging level lmgcp notice
 logging level ljibuf notice
 logging level lrspro notice
stats interval 5
line vty
 no login
 e1_line 0 driver ipa
 e1_line 0 port 0
 no e1_line 0 keepalive
cs7 instance 0
 point-code 0.23.3
 network country code 1
 mobile network code 1
 encryption a5 0
 neci 1
 paging any use tch 0
 handover 0
 handover algorithm 1
 handover1 window rxlev averaging 10
 handover1 window rxqual averaging 1
 handover1 window rxlev neighbor averaging 10
 handover1 power budget interval 6
 handover1 power budget hysteresis 3
 handover1 maximum distance 9999
 dyn_ts_allow_tch_f 0
 bts 0
  type sysmobts
  band GSM900
  cell_identity 6969
  location_area_code 1
  base_station_id_code 63
  ms max power 15
  cell reselection hysteresis 4
  rxlev access min 0
  radio-link-timeout 32
  channel allocator ascending
  rach tx integer 9
  rach max transmission 7
  channel-description attach 1
  channel-description bs-pa-mfrms 5
  channel-description bs-ag-blks-res 1
  no access-control-class-ramping
  access-control-class-ramping-step-interval dynamic
  access-control-class-ramping-step-size 1
  early-classmark-sending forbidden
  early-classmark-sending-3g allowed
  ipa unit-id 6969 0
  oml ipa stream-id 255 line 0
  neighbor-list mode automatic
  codec-support fr
  amr tch-f modes 0 2 4 7
  amr tch-f threshold ms 32 32 32
  amr tch-f hysteresis ms 8 8 8
  amr tch-f threshold bts 32 32 32
  amr tch-f hysteresis bts 8 8 8
  amr tch-f start-mode auto
  amr tch-h modes 0 2 4
  amr tch-h threshold ms 32 32
  amr tch-h hysteresis ms 8 8
  amr tch-h threshold bts 32 32
  amr tch-h hysteresis bts 8 8
  amr tch-h start-mode auto
  gprs mode none
  trx 0
   rf_locked 0
   arfcn 10
   nominal power 26
   max_power_red 16
   rsl e1 tei 0
   timeslot 0
    phys_chan_config CCCH+SDCCH4
    hopping enabled 0
   timeslot 1
    phys_chan_config TCH/F
    hopping enabled 0
   timeslot 2
    phys_chan_config TCH/F
    hopping enabled 0
   timeslot 3
    phys_chan_config TCH/F
    hopping enabled 0
   timeslot 4
    phys_chan_config TCH/F
    hopping enabled 0
   timeslot 5
    phys_chan_config TCH/F
    hopping enabled 0
   timeslot 6
    phys_chan_config TCH/F
    hopping enabled 0
   timeslot 7
    phys_chan_config TCH/F
    hopping enabled 0
msc 0
 ip.access rtp-base 4000
 no bsc-welcome-text
 no bsc-msc-lost-text
 no bsc-grace-text
 codec-list fr1 hr1 fr2 fr3 hr3
 type normal
 allow-emergency allow
 amr-config 12_2k forbidden
 amr-config 10_2k forbidden
 amr-config 7_95k forbidden
 amr-config 7_40k forbidden
 amr-config 6_70k forbidden
 amr-config 5_90k allowed
 amr-config 5_15k forbidden
 amr-config 4_75k forbidden
 amr-payload octet-aligned
 asp-protocol m3ua
 lcls-mode disabled
 lcls-codec-mismatch forbidden
 mgw local-port 2727
 mgw remote-ip
 mgw remote-port 2427
 mid-call-timeout 0
 no missing-msc-text
 no remote-ip
 no listen-port
Mario Lucas
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