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Neels Hofmeyr nhofmeyr at
Fri Nov 1 14:16:35 UTC 2019

Hi all,

I wrote a script and am wondering whether it makes sense to publish it in

For codec negotiation patches, I was writing ladder diagrams manually in the
mscgen format, and it was so annoying to type "[label=]" all the time, that I
decided to write a script that parses a leaner ladder diagram format and
converts it to mscgen format.

I was going to use this format in osmo-msc.git, but actually, after I wrote the
first osmo-msc codec ladder diagram, I went a step further and automated the
process by transcribing an osmo-msc log output directly to a ladder diagram.
That script can output to mscgen format, so in the end there is no dependency
on that simpler ladder format from my osmo-msc patches.

When writing ladder diagrams manually in the future, I'll probably choose my
simpler ladder format. I could always submit the converted format instead of
that, i.e. keep the simpler format to myself entirely.

I could publish the script privately...

Any opinions? Does it make sense to put this in libosmocore/contrib/ before any
Osmocom git trees actually depend on it?

See branch neels/contrib

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