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Harald Welte hwelte at
Sat Oct 28 22:00:59 UTC 2017

Dear Osmocom community,

since the NITB-split has completed, and we have integrated 3G fully
into master, and also merged nitb-split and nitb packages in one
feed, the next step on the agenda was to create packages/feeds that
are more stable than "nightly".

After a long day of "release engineering" work and related fixes,
starting from today, Osmocom not only has the "osmocom:nightly" feed
tracking the "master of the day" of all repositories.

We now also have a "osmocom:latest" feed for various Debian and Ubuntu
GNU/Linux distributions which contains packages for the last tagged
version of each source code repository.

The setup is fairly similar to that of the "osmocom:nightly" packages
and is described at

I've also removed all known references to Nightly_Builds on the wiki and
replaced it with a reference to the new Binary_Packages page explaining
the differences between Nightly_Builds and Latest_Builds:

As you can see at
almost all the packages are building already.  I intend to fix the
remaining three (osmo-bsc, osmo-msc and osmo-pcu) shortly.

- Harald Welte <hwelte at>   
* sysmocom - systems for mobile communications GmbH
* Alt-Moabit 93
* 10559 Berlin, Germany
* Sitz / Registered office: Berlin, HRB 134158 B
* Geschaeftsfuehrer / Managing Director: Harald Welte

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