Jenkins now executing M3UA, SUA and GGSN testuite

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Harald Welte laforge at
Sun Aug 20 20:41:14 UTC 2017

Hi all,

Yesterday and today I've been working to get the test suites for M3UA,
SUA and GGSN(GTP) integrated into

Some more background can be found at with links
to the respective jenkins jobs and git repositories of test cases and
Dockerfiles + Makefiles.

It's important to note that those tests are neither a competition nor a
replacement for both the unit tests as well as osmo-gsm-tester.  I'm not
quite sure how to call them, maybe "connected tests" or the like, as
they interact with our running network elements over the various

The parts that I'm not entirely sure about yet is:

1) does it really make sense to build docker images for both tester and IUT
   (osmo-stp in cases of M3UA/SUA tests, openggsn in case of ggsn tests)?

   Running both in docker containers attached to the same (internal,
   non-routed/public) network allows the processes to talk to each other
   without interfering the build host networking in any way, so it
   seemed like a convenient choice.

   Whether or not it makes sense to update both the tester and IUT
   container in a single jenkins job - I'm not sure.  Any ideas?

2) trigger.  So far I went for the nightly trigger at ~ 4am GMT.  This
   is sufficient for now, but it could of course be triggered by polling
   git of both the tester and the IUT.

3) version information.  I would like to get proper version information
   into jenkins, so we don't just know "nightly test on day X" but see
   on the jenkins Web UI which particular git version of IUT (and
   tester) was tested.  Any help appreciated!

4) archiving logs.  It would be great to keep the logs of not only the
   last test execution around.  Sure, jenkins has stdout (of the tester)
   and junit-xml (of the tester).  But things like the log file
   generated by the IUT is currently only present for the last test
   execution.  Any help appreciated!

I'm currently wokring on docker images for osmo-sgsn, osmo-nitb,
osmo-bts-virt and virtphy, so we can extend above-mentioned setup
to cover also the 'sysinfo + nitb vty' as well as the lapdm and pcu
tests that I wrote in TTCN-3.

After that, I plan to direct my attention more to the development of
more test casese in those respective test suites, rather than optimizing
the Jenkins integration.

Any help both with more test cases as well as jenkins would be much
appreciated.  I think the hard part has been creating the entire
toolchain and access to the various interfaces (Gp, Gb, Um, VTY, ...)
and now it should be rather easy to write more tests.

- Harald Welte <laforge at> 
"Privacy in residential applications is a desirable marketing option."
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