Regression in osmo-pcu with UHD trx ?

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Pierre Baudry pierre.baudry at
Mon May 30 08:49:50 UTC 2016

On 27/05/2016 20:17, Holger Freyther wrote:
> Can you bisect it?
> git bisect start 
> git bisect bad 2fcfc29020c81891d7888ddc7ddbcd866bcd406d
> git bisect good d87e1d6ab747423d3668c74d16201a5d967accf0
> Bisecting: 77 revisions left to test after this (roughly 6 steps)
> (separate commits should compile, so the above should be feasible). The commit range you have includes the move to EDGE that has changed GPRS code as well.
> holger

Sure, here is the bisect log :

> git bisect start
> # bad: [2fcfc29020c81891d7888ddc7ddbcd866bcd406d] add comments to describe functions
> git bisect bad 2fcfc29020c81891d7888ddc7ddbcd866bcd406d
> # good: [d87e1d6ab747423d3668c74d16201a5d967accf0] rlc: Do not raise_v_q in receive_bsn
> git bisect good d87e1d6ab747423d3668c74d16201a5d967accf0
> # good: [0df80be95e3604656ff36024f793ef3c36455051] rlc: Add decode_gsm_ra_cap to decode Radio Access Caps
> git bisect good 0df80be95e3604656ff36024f793ef3c36455051
> # bad: [7f28c97fcc87d2ce773a2ae91579a84b40d12539] edge: Support all coding schemes for BSSGP flow control
> git bisect bad 7f28c97fcc87d2ce773a2ae91579a84b40d12539
> # good: [18831c3ca94b8cfcdb64a883d88d22404d7c28bd] encoding: Refactor write_immediate_assignment
> git bisect good 18831c3ca94b8cfcdb64a883d88d22404d7c28bd
> # bad: [215e18c9d45cdaa43705ae7c8f8cb43c0db28225] cs: Add GprsCodingScheme::optionalPaddingBits
> git bisect bad 215e18c9d45cdaa43705ae7c8f8cb43c0db28225
> # good: [7c72acaa941fd7f3663b0f9b36fe30f4974f1979] ms: Add current_pacch_slots method
> git bisect good 7c72acaa941fd7f3663b0f9b36fe30f4974f1979
> # bad: [9e8593917f3e301c3487f73430ce416a08360ce8] rlc: Support encoding of EGPRS header type 1 + 2
> git bisect bad 9e8593917f3e301c3487f73430ce416a08360ce8
> # bad: [f1a7b8fc6651f92a8b7f3f27b7ca05d07f4e44e0] tbf: Add state WAIT_ASSIGN
> git bisect bad f1a7b8fc6651f92a8b7f3f27b7ca05d07f4e44e0
> # first bad commit: [f1a7b8fc6651f92a8b7f3f27b7ca05d07f4e44e0] tbf: Add state WAIT_ASSIGN

I experienced other service disruptions while bisecting this, but let's
address this specific bug first :)

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