Question about ms max power parameter.

dexter zero-kelvin at
Thu Apr 11 18:57:56 UTC 2013

Hi Sergey
> Does this setting has linear dependence? Or is there something like a calibration table for max_power_red value?
I think i can answer this (please correct my if i am wrong). To my 
understanding "nominal power" is the maximum power the BTS is capable to 
transmit. In the case of the nanoBTS it is 23dBm which is about 200mW. 
So the "nominal power" is the calibration value you asked for.

The "max_power_red" value is the setting for the actual output power. In 
my case it has been set to 20dBm. This should result in an output power 
of 23dBm-20dBm=3dBm=ca. 2mW. This is the default setting. I do not know 
if it is the lowest possible setting. I transmit into a dummyload anyway 
which results into a cell radius of approx 1m.

The dBm scale is not linear, just look it up yourself It's easy ;-)


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