Documentation of the BS-11 - what do we know?

Holger Adams holger at
Mon Jan 19 18:03:11 UTC 2009

Hello Dieter,

> I anyone has access to a real GSM Abis Interface and can provide traces
> of a working network this could be very interesting to have a look at.
> And for tracing the GSM air inteface with cheap equipment, well, lets
> hope that we can get something for that in the future...

Couldn't we use a GNU-Radio combined with the GSM-HF-RX? We had a
student research project which used that with Wireshark. I think I could
borrow it for a few days and sniff some stuff at our lab. Just tell me
what sequences you need.

But first I have to write some exams, no hands-on-hardware until they
are finished ;-)

Best Regards,

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