Documentation of the BS-11 - what do we know?

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Mon Jan 19 12:10:28 UTC 2009

Hi Dieter,

> The following is what I can say, Harald might add more or correct me:
> On Mon, 19 Jan 2009 10:15:17 +0100, "Holger Adams" <holger at> wrote:
>> as we all know, the documentation of the BS-11 is under NDA. Harald
>> said, the BTS respects 99.9% of the A-bis 3GPP standardization. So my
>> questions are:
>> 1) What's the part of the 0.1% we don't know? Which part differs from
>> the specs?
> There are Siemens specific commands for configuring the BS-11. They
> are not documented and also not included in the NDA documentation.
> The important commands are however going to become part of OpenBSC.
> Harald is currently working on a tool for configuring the BS-11,
> it is based on analyzing what the configuration tool (under NDA)
> is sending over the wire. So you will most certainly find all the
> required information in OpenBSC soon.

If you need some help in the near future (as soon our equipment arrives,
orders left the building today... or at least they should): we have full
equipped and licensed GSM-E1-Analyzers. I think we can provide some
traces if required (I know that Harald has shoot an ELMI-Abis-Analyzer
at EBay, just for notice).

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