Documentation of the BS-11 - what do we know?

Dieter Spaar spaar at
Mon Jan 19 11:00:15 UTC 2009

Hello Holger,

The following is what I can say, Harald might add more or correct me:

On Mon, 19 Jan 2009 10:15:17 +0100, "Holger Adams" <holger at> wrote:
> as we all know, the documentation of the BS-11 is under NDA. Harald
> said, the BTS respects 99.9% of the A-bis 3GPP standardization. So my
> questions are:
> 1) What's the part of the 0.1% we don't know? Which part differs from
> the specs?

There are Siemens specific commands for configuring the BS-11. They
are not documented and also not included in the NDA documentation.
The important commands are however going to become part of OpenBSC.
Harald is currently working on a tool for configuring the BS-11,
it is based on analyzing what the configuration tool (under NDA)
is sending over the wire. So you will most certainly find all the
required information in OpenBSC soon.

> 2) During the 25c3 talk there was mentioned that the BTS uses ~6 DSPs
> and a bunch of uCs. What kind of DSPs and uCs are used (well Siemens...
> I guess some creepy 8051/C16x/... and Motorola stuff)?

Its nothing from the more common stuff. The microcontrollers are
from the HPC family from National Semiconductor, the DSPs are from
the DSP16 family from Lucent. My guess is that the HPC was mainly used
in the telcommunication area, for the DSP16 there was at least one
more common analog modem around which uses it.

BTW, the information about the microcontrollers and the DSPs is also
not contained in the NDA documentation, so this is no secret what I
am writing here.

Best regards,
Dieter Spaar, Germany                           spaar at

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