[op25-dev] rx.py Airspy MASTER GAIN Setting option?????

op25 at zellners.com op25 at zellners.com
Fri Sep 4 00:53:45 UTC 2020

Trying to test out an AIRSPY R2 and the signal level v. an RTL is not  
even close.

I've got -N options for LNA, MIX, IF, but what is the option for the  

I've tried MAS, MASTER in the -N option, no change in the signal.

I've tried -g as well no joy.

./rx.py --args 'airspy' -N 'MASTER:50,IF:10,MIX:5,LNA:50' -S 2500000  
-f 769.55625e6 -v 7 -T P25PC.tsv -q 2 -V -2  -U -x 2 2>> airspy.log

./rx.py --args 'airspy' -N 'IF:10,MIX:5,LNA:15' -S 2500000 -f  
774.55625e6 -v 7 -T P25PC.tsv -q 2 -V -2  -U -x 2 2>> airspy.log

What is the CORRECT method to set the MASTER GAIN of the Airspys,  
using something else its set to 14 for a good signal.


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