[op25-dev] Audio Dies Pt2 and JSON meta tags????

op25 at zellners.com op25 at zellners.com
Sat Feb 23 00:13:20 UTC 2019

As the next round of P25 PII systems take hold in my area... OP25 is  
the goto solution... but...

Audio dying is not a good thing... to send out silence on feeds....

Seems this is related to the metatag update when using -M tags.json  
option with rx.py...

Whats frustrating is

Pi3B+ with a cheapo junky asian dongle WORKS with -M tags.json and the  
audio goes on... .. I have another issue not related to that, which a  
commit fixes, just can't update to handle that right now...

A DUAL CORE laptop with a junk asian dongle... the audio dies after awhile.

SAME DUAL CORE laptop with a V3 Blog dongle... audio dies after awhile

SAME DUAL CORE laptop with V3 blod dongle, REMOVE the -M option and  
the audio seems to be stable out to loop0!


The only thing I can seem to possibly pinpoint is my standard A1  
whipping or flogging boi,,, puslecrapdio! RURRRRRHHGHHH!

The laptop has it the Pi3 doesn't....

Any one else seeing similar ? ? ? ? ?

Once I have a new image setup for my Pi feed boxes.. and if that works  
reliably great...it seems to on my existing feed, other issue not  

Jusy annoying that a laptop has these issues where as a Pi3B+ doesn't......

I am grasping for answers here... and as I said... my standard A1  
whipping or flogging boi,,, puslecrapdio!  just gets my attention and  
foucs as the problem area.

So to wrap up my screed and vent BS post.. .:) ;)

Any seeing similar with xUbuntu's 18.04 or even other distros on  
lap/desktops v. Pi3B+???

Welp... there goes my theory in the time it took to type this OP25 is  
now not playing audio out loop0 again, and no -M option was used....  
CC channel did rotate... (Harris nee M/A-COM system)??? So maybe CC  
rotation kills audio ? ? ?  ?

Any one with ideas? ?  ? ? Bueller????

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