[op25-dev] A couple Q's - RID Aliases? CC Data

op25 at zellners.com op25 at zellners.com
Wed Jan 23 16:11:22 UTC 2019

In reviewing the various setups of trunking_file.tsv, id_file.tsv  
etc... and looking over various documentation, I am not seeing a means  
to do RID(LID) or Radio ID aliasing...

I am I missing this some place???

The systems can be setup to alias out $47E136 as "Helo1" etc...  The  
systems have places to do this from the start and update from consoles  

Any way to do that in OP25???????? ie:


47e136 Helo1
47e137 Helo2

Turning RID into an alias would be a plus to ID units... ie: Ladder1,  
Ladder1_Portable, FF152521, etc..  Many of these are pretty static..  
now some depending on you agency(s) may not be... in on a particular  
group would need some updates each year, as they change based on a  
progression system.

CC Data is there some sort of aggregate that determines the quality of  
the CC data coming out???? That can accessed programmatically???

Or maybe that question is better referenced as is the there something  
that documents the API to OP25 that the various python scripts are  
using to possible do what I want... The plots are not useful as I  
desire text data to use in another place....

So I guess something that documents interacting with the underlying  
mechnations of OP25 would probably help to do what I am after with the  


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