[op25-dev] Audio to Darkce/IceCast Server - No audio???? No tags, Local audio good.

op25 at zellners.com op25 at zellners.com
Wed Jan 2 23:59:59 UTC 2019

Quoting op25 at zellners.com:
> ^^^^^^^^^^
> either the audio is not getting to the loopback or darkice is not  
> getting that... or both I guess...

Some progress... still no joy in OP25 to loop to darkice to icecast  
out to users....

On the laptop the loop config appears to work as I can FORCE VLC to  
output to ASLA loop0 and play and mp3, and it eventually will be  
heard... audio is exceptionally low though...

I've cranked everything in alasmixer playback and capture way up  
didn't seem to affect that audio in the least.

Any ideas on doing the same on the Pi??? I very rarely if very use  
anything gui or other media related on them... just darkice and inputs  
from USB dongles connected to real radios.

olmxplayer is the hotness over in piland, I think???   Does it offer a  
way to force out to ALSA loop0??? Last I knew vlc was a bomb on pi's  
wouldn't play as it lacked some lib or had to be hand coddlded or  
something....on;y time I see X on Pi's now is from the first boot and  
disabling all that stuff...

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