[op25-dev] Image darkice support??

op25 at zellners.com op25 at zellners.com
Mon Dec 31 14:52:45 UTC 2018

> Well, I'm faster than I thought.  The new version with audio  
> streaming via darkice is at

> http://febo.com/pages/os_images/2018-03-18_op25_rpi.zip

> John

Is this the standard NON MP3 darkice from the various Debian and  
Raspbian repos or the compiled version from



I have the binary on my various PI's I use for streaming and can move  
it over to your image if its not MP3 compliant.

My users and the software for most feed needs MP3, my ogg feeds are  
being discontinued 1/1/19 as no one uses them, and I can add more  
feeds with that bandwidth that might be us of use.

Thanks for the image... it will be a great time saver! Just want to  
confirm what darkice supports or doesn't before I flash it...and  
determine my plan to just apt-get remove darkice and recompile from  
above or what not...


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