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> If you know of 1 certain talk group ID number you want to listen to, is there an easier way than having to exit the program, edit the .tsv file, whitelist it, save the .tsv file and then re-start the program?  Like say I wanna listen to TG ID 1000.  Is there a way to just type 1000 while the program is running and make it hold on 1000?

I've hacked up an experimental prototype implementation of a "goto"
feature. which allows you to do this. It only works in the terminal UI
(not the browser one) for now. You can hit 'g', then enter a talkgroup
ID (decimal) then Enter. To clear it, hit 'g' then Enter (i.e. make it

This is implemented on top of boatbod's fork... so it's a
"fork-of-a-fork", available at:


It's likely not implemented properly, but may provide some inspiration
for the real op25 devs. Use at your own risk - I take no
responsibility for any bad things that result from attempting to use
it :)

Interested in Graham's opinion on this...

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