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Well, I think that hold hotkey only works when a talk group pops up while the software is running.  That means you'd have to wait until the talk group you wanna listen to becomes active AND OP25 happens to stop on it (and not some other talk group).  But I don't see a way to just outright type in an ID number for a TG that I wanna listen to.


Like suppose cop A tells cop B, "Go to channel 2".  If I know the TG ID for ch. 2, I'd want to be able to quickly switch to it at that moment.  But I'm not seeing a way to do that, or is there?


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Have you read op25/op25/gr-op25_repeater/apps/README?


Here is part of that file:


After starting rx.py if plotting is in use a separate gnuplot window
should open.  You must click on the terminal window to restore it to
focus, otherwise all keystrokes are consumed by gnuplot.  Once in the
terminal window there are several keyboard commands:
 h - hold
 l - lockout
 s - skip
 q - quit program
 , - decrease fine tune by 100Hz
 . - increase fine tune by 100Hz
 < - decrease fine tune by 1200Hz
 > - increase fine tune by 1200Hz
 1 - toggle fft plot
 2 - toggle constellation plot (cqpsk)
 3 - toggle symbol plot
 4 - toggle datascope plot (fsk4)
 5 - toggle mixer plot
There are also two experimental commands (should not be used in -T mode)
 f - manually change frequencies
 t - if currently tuned to a CC, autostart scanning talkgroups

The "t" command allows trunk tracking without setting up a trunking TSV
file.  However running with the -T <filename> command line option is
preferred as that allows use of white/black lists and talkgroup tags files.

If the terminal window freezes there may have been a crash.  Press Ctrl-Z
to suspend the program and examine stderr.2 for error messages.  If there
is a traceback please report the full traceback (and the command line) to
the mail list.

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