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In Linux, case matters unlike DOS/Windows.   So you must follow exactly the
case and other characters in a filename or command.


use the whitelist feature in op25.    Edit hills.tsv and add the single
desired talk group ID between the existing quotes as shown below.   Restart
op25 and it will only monitor TG 13000 and be sure that you specify the TG
value as a decimal and not in hex for this application.  Note that you can
add additional TG's to the whitelist by separating them with a comma and a
space.   Sometimes it makes more sense to leave the whitelist field blank
and enter unwanted TG's into the blacklist field.   It depends upon your own
personal preferences.   There is more to this process whereby you can create
what amounts to text files to use in place of TG values populated in
trunk.tsv (hills.tsv).    Start with this method first.



"Sysname"         "Control Channel List"   "Offset"             "NAC"
"Modulation"              "TGID Tags File"              "Whitelist"
"Blacklist"          "Center Frequency"

"Hillsborough County"  "769.28125, 769.80625, 770.33125"       "0"
"0x0"              "CQPSK"             "hills-tgids.tsv" "13000"
""          "0"






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Understood, thanks.  In that case, I'll be doing just one system per file.
And I seem to notice with the file names, it matters sometimes if you use
spaces or capital letters because then it won't work.


So how about this question.  While OP25 is running, how can I just tell it I
wanna listen to a talk group number?  Like say I just wanna type talk group
ID 13000 somewhere in the screen to tell it to listen and hold on that.  Is
there a way to do this?  Or maybe make the program show your list of talk
groups in the file while the program is running and then you can click on
what you want to hold on?


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If your trunk.tsv has multiple system define as in the example trunk.tsv
that get installed with op25 then the software will scan or sample all of
the systems defined approximately every five seconds as long that the
control channel that it is currently tuned to is idle.   Voice traffic halts
the scan or other systems and resets the timer.    This feature is not real
useful if your system are fairly busy as you'll end up missing a lot of
traffic with the round robin taking place.   Probably best to only have one
system in your trunk.tsv file, but that is your choice to determine what
works best for you.





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