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Cool beans!   Looks like there is a fair amount of activity on the system.





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Figured out the web browser view and started some new files for another system nearby.  Awesome sauce.



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The terminal screen isn’t designed to dump a lot of technical information that you are probably used to with Unitrunker… However, you can get a great deal of technical information form op25 by 

setting a verbose level whereby the diagnostic data dumps to the stderr.2 logfile for later review.    


To tun on just a -v 5 to your rx.py command line.   You can simply edit hills.sh and add this to the command line.     The logging verbose level ranges form 1-10 with a tremendous about of data being dumped on level 10 that includes the P25 LDU1/LDU2 packets and a but more stuff.   


Now here is yet another option.   OP25 supports a GUI called the http console.    Add the following to your rx.py command line or again to hills.sh.  -l http:  Note that the normal console output will stop with the option and it will look like op25 is broke, it’s not.   Just minimize the terminal window in Ubuntu and open up Firefox.  Type in http://127..0.0.1:8080 and you’ll be connected to the http console in op25.    You’ll like what you see there including the ability to hold an active talkgroup.     


You can also utilize the whitelist or blacklist features in (trunk.tsv) hills.tsv to either allow specific talkgroups to block specific talkgroups.    Start with the http console first and then we can work on the whitelists / blacklists.   BTW, one of the files I sent you, hills-tgids.tsv  gets called by hills.tsv and provides alpha tags and some other info relevant to Hillsborough County that I pulled off of

radioreference.com and ran through a tool that I built to crate tag files.


If you haven’t edited a file yet in Linux, use one of the build in editors.  the nano editor is very easy to use.   Google it for basic use examples.   Lastly, you are more than welcome to give me

a call and I can walk you through a few steps to automate some of these processes and to discuss features and options.    My phone number was contained in the email sent last Friday but if you don’t have it then PM me and I will provide it to you again.


Oh, you can open the http console from any browser on your LAN as long as you know the IP address Ubuntu is running on.   It’s best to assign a static LAN IP to Ubuntu for a host of reasons including

have a known address to access the http console and/or to open an ssh session to Linux.









Thanks very much.  I do like to keep anonymous online where possible, but this is all a big help..  If I type "chmod +x hills.sh", the terminal window basically does nothing and acts like I just pressed enter.  But when I run ./hills.sh, it works.


This is totally cooltacular.  Really enjoying it.  The audio quality is much more stable and steady than other ways of monitoring.  But it's also very quiet volume even though I've got all the volume settings all the way up.


The stock/default trunk..tsv file that comes with OP25 has multiple different systems in it.  So how do you tell it what system you wanna listen to?  And is there a way to tell it a talk group ID you want to hold on without having to wait until it stops on that ID, if it ever does?


There doesn't seem to be much of a system activity display like Unitrunker.  I found from an online thread that to adjust the scan / search delay setting, in the file trunking.py find the following line and change it from 2 seconds to something else:


self.TGID_HOLD_TIME = 2.0       # TODO: make more configurable


trunktracker at tampabay.rr.com <mailto:trunktracker at tampabay.rr.com> 


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