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Great!  Will try that.


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I was able to successfully get the Airspy R2 to run in op25 on an Ubuntu 18..04 VM on VMWare Workstation Player-15 using the work around procedure pointed out in

~iain posts.


On my machine the Airspy device was found as follows;


I125: USB: Found device [name:OpenMoko\ AIRSPY vid:1d50 pid:60a1 path:1/0/0 speed:high family:vendor instanceId:USB\\VID_0E0F&PID_0001\\AIRSPY_SN:03A464C8373E4F67 serialnum:AIRSPY_SN:03A464C8373E4F67 arbRuntimeKey:4 version:3]


I then added the following line to my VMWare Virtual Machine Configuration file to complete the work around procedure.


usb.quirks.device0 = "0x1d50:0x60a1 skip-reset, skip-refresh, skip-setconfig"




You now have reference to a fix that works and has been tested with VMWare Workstation Player, else you can move to Oracle VirtualBox and build your Ubuntu VM on that platform.


Here is a screen capture of op25 with my Airspy R2 running on the VMWare Workstation Player VM.



Bill, WA8WG


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