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Hi all,


I was able to replicate the identical issue as trunktracker has reported.
It turns out to be a hardware virtualization issue in handling of the Airspy
SDR's running on Ubuntu as a VM on VMWare Player and not  an issue with the
op25 code.


Normally, I use Oracle VirtualBox on a Windows-10 Pro 64 machine to run
various Linux VM's including Ubuntu 18.04 with op25.  That combination has
worked perfectly using either the Airspy R2 or the RTL SDR's.   However, I
installed VMWare Player 15 last evening to experiment with Ubuntu 18.04 VM
and boatbod op25 to quickly discover I got the same results (error message)
as trunktracker when attempting to run my Airspy R2.  Conversely, op25 did
run perfectly on the VMWare Player setup as long as I only used the RTL SDR


So it then appears to be some type of virtualization issue with the Airspy
devices on VM's running on the VMWare Player.    I don't know that is
necessarily the case on other VMWare products such as the Pro version, and
etc.    But it's definitely broken as far as the Airspy is concerned with
VMWare Player.  Changing USB modes (support) in the VM settings had not
impact on the problem either.


I ran into a similar problem recently on my Windows-10 Machine where none of
my SDR's, Airspy or RTL types would run on any of my Linux VM's.  That
turned out to be a issue with Windows Defender causing a corruption with the
USB hardware virtualization in VirtualBox.    


Bill, WA8WG



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> Then I looked in stderr.2 and found this:

FYI this is a few bugs and bug fixes ganging up to crash.

The first bug was (it is fixed since *2016* -
34f1ac42#diff-6afde48a2246887a22e0cbe0a675e1c8) in GNUradio #528.

A work around was added to rtl-sdr (which is the "Trying to fill up.."
message) which is at

The second bug is p25_demodulator.py crashing because it doesn't detect
self.decim is zero.

It looks like gr-osmosdr now has the work around removed (since July 2017) -

- It didn't find your hardware, check your VM pass through
- Update gr-osmosdr to get less confusing errors :)

Daniel O'Connor
"The nice thing about standards is that there
are so many of them to choose from."
-- Andrew Tanenbaum

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