[op25-dev] Beginner's Guide To Setting Up OP25 From Scratch

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Tue Nov 27 20:57:15 UTC 2018



>From what I can fine the Airspy Mini gets configured the same as the Airspy R2 with

the exception being the sample rate differences.


I further assume from an earlier posting that your installed the op25/boatbod version that

supports starting rx.py without a trunk.tsv file using just the -t option.   This was a handy

feature that allows you to discover the P25 system’s NAC, SID, and other information needed to properly

construct your trunk.tsv file.    


As has already been suggested, do post your stderr.2 logfile.   OP25 will create and write to the logfile

(stderr.2) each time you execute the  rx.py command line with the 2> stderr..2 option specified.  The

Information contained in that logfile should prove useful to diagnose what is happening.


Bill, WA8WG


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